5 Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Nowadays, the health and fitness industry is buzzing with numerous new terminologies, and alkaline water is one of them. The word alkaline water is heard a lot lately, but not many people are actually aware of the term and can’t fathom how it’s different from the regular house water system

Alkaline refers to the measurement of the pH level of the substance. The pH level shows a particular substance is acidic or alkaline from 0 to 14. If the pH level is 1, the substance is highly acidic, and pH level 13 means that the substance is highly alkaline. In the regular house water system, the pH level of water is around 7, which is moderate. 

But, in the alkaline water, the pH level is higher, around 8 to 9. It is stipulated by numerous people that due to the high alkaline level in the ionized alkaline water, the acids present in the body can be neutralized with it, and the detoxification process can be automatically performed. 

There are numerous health benefits of alkaline water that have been buzzing in the market – from slowing down the aging process to the treatment of chronic conditions. However, the alkaline water concept is new, so not many conclusive studies are present to justify the claim, but some users of alkaline water have advocated the following benefits –

Hydrating Properties 

It is observed that alkaline water has more hydrating properties as compared to the regular house water system. People who work out a lot or spend the entire day under the scorching rays of the sunlight require an effective solution to keep themselves hydrated and alkaline water can be the perfect solution. The molecules of alkaline water are smaller than the tap water, which can be quickly observed by the body cells. With the quick-absorbing trait, alkaline water helps in improving the hydration system of the overactive person. 

Immunity Booster 

In today’s stress oriented and polluted environment, maintaining a good immunity is becoming a major challenge for the people. Moreover, in the undeveloped countries, the polluted house water system is a big problem, which is causing the problem of a low immune system among the residents. 

It is advocated that alkaline water can improve the immune system of the body by neutralizing the acid components. In a way, alkaline water removes toxins and acids from your body so that your immune system can be improved. 

Healthy Bones

Alkaline water doesn’t only have a high pH level; it has numerous minerals and vitamins in it, which helps in improving bone health. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus are present in the alkaline water that helps in strengthening the bones. Thus, if you are regularly drinking alkaline water, you can improve your bone health gradually.  

Anti Aging Solution 

Alkaline water can help in slowing down the aging process as well. Numerous antioxidants are present in the alkaline water that can reduce cell damage and slow down the growth of free radical cells in the body, which eventually reduces the signs of aging such as wrinkles, dry skin, etc. For a healthy and rejuvenated skin, you can drink alkaline water. 

Treat Gastric Problem 

One of the vital benefits of alkaline water is that it can reduce the acidity level in your body, especially from the stomach and gastrointestinal tract where acids are mainly present. The high alkaline content can stabilize the high acid content in your body and improve the digestive system. 

Overall, alkaline water has numerous health benefits as compared to the regular house water system. From acid stabilizing to the improved immune system, you can gain numerous health benefits from alkaline water, but you have to order the perfectly medicated alkaline water from the pHountain Health to gain all the health benefits. With the right alkaline water brand, you can experience lots of health benefits.

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