5 Jewelry Styling Tips to Compliment Your Wardrobe

Almost every other woman is a proud owner of precious gold and diamond jewelry. Either it’s the engagement ring or cute pair of earrings, she keeps her favorite collection near to her heart – the dresser. The place of treasure where every woman lays out all pieces of jewelry she owns into sections. So how can you make the best use of your jewelry? Sure enough, now you may have a little treasure show of your own, or even if you don’t, you still need to learn handy tricks to style the right earring with your wardrobe.

One thing that women understand is, jewelry, no matter how fashionable, is not made for every outfit. You need to follow certain etiquette of wearing jewelry – for the right occasion and the right time.

Your overflowing collection of flower-shaped earrings will not look while you wear jeans or tank tops. so yes you need to understand the appropriate occasion to match the wardrobe with jewelry and vice versa.

If you do not feel confident about your choice to match two accessories together we have compiled a shortlist you can go through to learn the right use of jewelry.

Rings, necklaces, and bangles – create layers

It’s best to start with something fun. You can experiment with layers of pendants styles with gold rings. If you are learning up necklaces then get yourself gold plated pendants online as they are easy to buy in the bunch and you can wear them on various occasions. Go for different lengths, shapes, colors, and textures too. Pair them up with the bangles and bracelets of your choice and throw in rings of your choice too.

A stack of carefully assorted necklaces, rings, and bangles can give the right look with a dress. Make a note of combinations you like the most.

Too Little is Too Much

It’s easy to overdo the jewelry. Even if you are stacking layers of necklaces how many are you going to wear? Perhaps if your neck is adorned with a three-layered necklace then dont keep adding the pile of bangles either. Wear an appropriate amount that would give a more subtle feeling.

For instance, wearing a bold pair of earrings means you need to go light on the necklaces. Sometimes with heavy chokers, you go with a bare look i.e. only a ring, no bracelet or bangle, and definitely no earrings either. So you need to learn to accommodate the use of each piece of jewelry.

Time for Earrings

Always choose your earrings carefully. You need to envision yourself in the attire your earrings will match. Any piece of jewelry is in the field of vision, especially if it’s the earrings. So be selective of what you choose to wear that will not overshadow your personal or the perfect dress you bought the other day.

The right pair of earrings compliment your face frame and your wardrobe along with quality hairstyling. Choose the metal that is most likely to match your hair too. The metal finishing needs to be prominent according to your hair color so that it doesn’t look out of the context.

Keep Changing

Have you got 10 pairs of necklaces, rings, and earrings? But guess what, despite the large or small amount of jewelry you have, there are ones that are most favorable to you, isn’t it? It’s rather easy to wear the same pair of studs or earrings for a week continuously because they are either super comfy or because you are just too lazy to change them or could be the case that you love the pair so much!

But remember this, no matter how comfortable your jewelry is, you need to change the wear to another set of pairs too.

So start with the pair of earrings in case you don’t get a chance to buy the perfect ones, you will surely need to make the most from the available collection.

Focal point

Remember the focal (focus) point of your styling. Is your outfit according to the earrings you picked or is it the other way around? Before you start dressing up you have to lay out the dress and place your earrings outside with the dress to see how it would look with your choice of the day.

Maybe you are going on a date, and you really want a cashmere sweater. So you do not need to wear large loops. Diamond studs will be perfect with a multilayered pendant too.

Well, it was easy, wasn’t it? You can always go for the second recommendation and if in doubt wear red with the gold jewelry.

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