6 Affordable Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping boxes Ideas

In the digital age, it seems we send more cards in electronic ways than paper cards. But when it comes to gifts, there is no other option to wrap them in paper. Donations are packed for Christmas and Easter, birthdays, or other special occasions when we can express our gratitude, love, or appreciation through gifts. So the demand for custom wrap boxes is getting enhanced day by day. When you look at the packaging, the joy starts to be incredibly beautiful. This shows that you have worked hard and this gesture alone will be well received. This year, the most popular trend is also the greenest trend because nobody likes non-recyclable gift packaging.  Of course, well-wrapped birthday, Christmas, or Eid gifts presents look tremendous and bring joy to your loved ones, but after the presents are discovered, a lot is wasted. 

Excellent Ways to Wrap your Gift Boxes Cheaply

In this blog, we will introduce some exciting designs that revolve around conventional suitable and economical options: newspapers, calendars, paper cups, reusable gift bags, and other unique designs. Along gift boxes are also available online to deliver to your home place. Here are the six most frugal ideas which can be used for wrapping the gifts.


Newspaper and Paper Bags

Wrapping paper is just that it is decorated for making a good looking wrapping. When you think about it, there are many great pieces of paper available in our daily life. If you receive the newspaper daily at home, consider saving a week’s collection to meet your holiday packaging needs (those newspapers which come on Sunday morning are the most colorful packaging, but even the classified page is enough). 

4-34 You can also choose paper bags at the supermarket to make sure not to crease them too much when you enter the house. When there is a need to wrap, cut a seam of the bag with scissors. This way, you can lay it flat like a single piece of wrapping paper. The same goes for newspapers, which have adopted a comfortable rectangle for cutting. Stickers, pastels, paint, and glitter can all be used to make the final product.

Maps and Calendars

If you do not have time to decorate the package afterward, there is no need to get worried. Old maps and calendars are another relatively large source of paper, which are already colorful. Since almost everyone in the world relies on Google to provide a route from point A to point B, you have virtually no chance to search for paper maps at any time. Calendars are available for 365 days and will be out of date after that forever, but many of them contain compelling or beautiful images. Instead of throwing these paper products away, it’s best to keep them as convenient packaging for parties and birthday gifts.


Fabric Gift Wrap

Fabric is an ideal reusable material for gift wrapping because it has many colors and patterns, just like wrapping paper. In Japan, fabric upholstery is very common and has become an art form. This practice is called “furoshiki” and uses a long-standing technique to create cute, fully covered packaging. Look around the house for pillowcases, sheets, tablecloths, old curtains, and even socks that fit the size of your gift. If you don’t have the right cloth lying around, consider using pre-made versions like ReWrapables or BoBo Wrap. The fabric can be knotted, fastened, or tied with ribbon. After the gift has been opened, fold it and keep it for next year.


Paper Cups:

Suppose there was a children’s party at home recently and you bought lots of colorful paper cups. Yes, they were not thrown away. You can store these cups for the right opportunity to reuse them. This is a genuinely original package which is perfect when there is a purpose of giving small gifts. Just cut the top edge, and create 5-6 labels, cut a few centimeters vertically. Now, fold the tabs inward so that the tabs overlap and, if necessary, pinch the bio-adhesive a little. The box is ready, and you need to decorate it and give it to your loved ones.


Reusable Gift Bags

For a long time, gift bags have been the first choice for earth-loving gift-givers because they have no ribbons or folds and are easy to reuse next year. If you are very careful, even cheap paper gift bags from discounters can be stored for years. However, over time, these bags have crumpled and worn, losing some of the holiday charms. You can solve this problem by creating or purchasing reusable fabric gift bags. Burlap, flannel, and cotton are the best materials for gift bags, but in reality, any fabric can be made into gift bags as long as they are sewn for a few seconds. If you’re not a needle thread type, consider using pre-made products like WrapSacks or LivingEthos.


Wholesale Wrap Boxes

Wholesale boxes in the wrapped form are also the best options when you need to deliver any of your essential products to places which are located far away from your residence. These boxes have the ability to keep the products safe from damage as well as pollution. Cheap packages are also having excellent quality manufacturing and marvelous designs. This helps your brand to earn more profit by spending less on its manufacturing process.


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