7 Modern Kitchen Accessories you should Buy A.S.A.P

A little home makeover is something that every one of you dreams of at some point. But the heart of the home is its kitchen where you can prep meals as a family. Kitchen design is important as it has a large impact on everyday use especially if you have a large family to feed you need larger space and so on. But it’s not only the size of the kitchen that matters but the kitchen accessories too.

For a dream kitchen, you need to get rid of the old, bulky outdated kitchen tools and replace them with ultra-modern gadgets sleek in design and easy to carry. With the unlimited choices, we have personally handpicked the best modern kitchen accessories you can either gift or add as a part of the new kitchen revolution.

Mini Stand Mixer

  1. Mini Stand Mixer

So, at the top of our list is the essential most item that helps in everyday baking – the mixer. Usually, they are large and bulky and not so easy to carry either so you can replace them with a Kitchen aid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer. It’s the next best thing as a complete opposite to the standard version.

A complete powerhouse with a three-and-a-half-quart bowl that will allow you to churn a loaf of bread or enough cookies to last.

  1. Mini Espresso Maker

So how do you like to start your day? a cup of coffee kick starts the day for you but who wants to get out of bed anyway? Instead of using the standard espresso machines in your kitchen, you can replace them with an easy to use a portable coffee maker. Sleek in look, lightweight with an innovative design a small espresso maker can easily brew two cups of coffee at a time.

Even if you are running late for work, no need to stop on the way either, a mini espresso maker will do the trick.

  1. Wi-Fi enabled ovens

Yes, yes, and yes for an amazing state of the art technology by those who love to cook in their kitchen without any hustle. Imagine an oven with a mind of its own, now wouldn’t that make things easier for you? The Innit technology is linked with the Wi-Fi that controls the temperature and cooking mode of the recipe.

All you need to do is select the dish you want to prepare, the type of pan you will use, and voila!

  1. Fridge Cam

How many times have you forgotten your list while visiting the supermarket? You can’t just go back home to see what you need to buy. So the solution is available in the form of a Fridge Cam. The device is installed inside the fridge (totally safe), sends you the pictures from the inside (yes it is connected to your phone).

The company, Smarter, is expected to develop a sensor that will alert you when staples are running low.

  1. Responsive Cooktops

Another new addition in terms of cooking is the induction cooktops. Especially in Europe, these are a fancy update you might get to see in every household. The sleek, efficient and no emission design is what makes them an ideal choice when your home is bombarded with pets and kids.

Some of the induction cooktops come with a cooking zone, adjustable to the pan size along with automatic sensors.

  1. Ruvati Sink

For a multitasking purpose, you need to also add a double bowl sink as a part of a smart and sleek kitchen. These double sinks are your part workstation while cutting and cleaning the veggies and so on, you need to assemble the food ingredients.

The Ruvati sink features a sink with a workstation, a built-in feature that tracks a slide like colanders, cutting board, or drying racks. You can buy one online too.

  1. Quartz

Marble is the first choice for any countertop in bright and dark colors or the light standard white. But have you ever thought of using Quarts instead?

This engineered stone comes with uniquely distinctive qualities, unprecedented durability as a countertop. The physical attributes consist of the black-flecked white look that will compliment the inky or dark cabinets in any color.


Kitchen accessories need to update with time, a depleted kitchen is not a place for happy cooking. So do yourself a favor and treat your kitchen with the due treat it’s been waiting for!

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