7 Ways to Expand Your Animation Channel on YouTube

YouTube, one of the most popular online platforms, enriches individuals personally and professionally. This open platform allows independent content creators to develop their brands without any hassle. Running a YouTube animation channel is indeed easy, but running a channel and making it successful is not the same.

If you want to take it to the height of success, you need a well-planned strategy. Many channel owners are working with a reputed animated video production company to ensure their success. This article has compiled seven ways to expand your animation channel on YouTube and gain your desired success.

Identify untapped video keywords

If you want to get more viewers, you must devote your time to video keyword research. By choosing the right keyword, you can skyrocket your animation videos to the top. You can consider the steps given below to prepare a list of relevant and valuable keywords:

Create a list of super broad topics

Super broad topics are known as Seed Keywords. You need to find broad topics, which are relevant to your YouTube channel. For instance, if your channel offers visual comics, your seed keywords can be:

  • Comic verse
  • Comic spear
  • Comic book
  • Comic-con

Make long-tail keywords using seed keywords

Once you have gathered the keywords, you need to turn them into long-tail keywords. If you want to get more ideas, you can type one of your keywords in the search section of YouTube; it will help you go through several YouTube suggestions based on your given keyword.

Consider keyword analysis

You can analyze the competence of your chosen keywords. Many tools can help you explore the keywords for your videos.

Create animation videos, optimized especially for “Watch Time”

YouTube is always putting effort into keeping people on this platform. Therefore, its algorithm always focuses on Watch Time. As per YouTube Creator Academy, it is the total time viewers spent watching a YouTube video right from its inception. If your videos get lots of Watch Time, your chance of getting top rank becomes higher. A couple of tips can help you compel your audience to watch your videos for more time:

  • Come up with long videos
  • Make sure that the beginning does not have any fluff
  • Include pattern interrupts into your animation videos
  • Always try to script every line

Make excellent custom thumbnails

Everybody can see how competitive YouTube is getting day by day. A user will not watch your video if you fail to catch his/her attention quickly. That’s why you need to use short-form video ads to capture the attention of your audience. You can deploy thumbnail images; create a thumbnail image that reflects the content of your video.

Think about an outstanding title for your video

The title is the window through which your audience can peep into your content. The title helps them understand what your video contains. Moreover, an engaging title that gives a hint about the video content can grab the attention of maximum users.

Consider ways to engage your followers

You should put your best efforts into engaging your viewers. You should offer your viewers options to engage with your animation video. All you need is to consider suitable call-to-action or CTAs. YouTube providers channel owners a number of places to insert CTAs, such as:

  • Direct-host mentions
  • End-cards
  • Video descriptions

Upload your animation videos strategically

When it comes to the success of an animation video channel, a strategic plan plays the most crucial role. Uploading videos randomly without any plan cannot help you expand your channel. You must prepare a proper plan, and this plan should include the right tags, video thumbnail, descriptions of each video.

Moreover, you should decide the right time for uploading each video. To make these all things “Right”, you can examine the other success channels that belong to your niche.

Collaborate and let people embed your videos

Once you start getting positive outcomes, you may need to increase the number of videos to keep your viewers engaged. However, the increasing number must not affect the quality of the content. In such cases, you can collaborate with a trusted animated video production company.

Also, you should allow your viewers to share your content by using the embed option. This way, your video can reach more new viewers. If you have recently started a YouTube animation channel, try these ways to witness remarkable outcomes. Remember, consistency coupled with quality can take your channel to the top.

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