A better gaming experience with D-Link extender

In a world of stressful situations building up every day, gaming is a quite common go-to for relief. You might own a console or you might be a PC or a mobile gamer, but as of now the best of the games are all player vs player and require an internet connection. We all know how weak the connection of the wireless router goes when a bit far away from it and also how laggy the gameplay becomes. Well, quite no more. Time to consider buying yourself a dlink extender.

Your wireless router extender range never is the old restricted. Please always keep in mind that the extender only extends your network to the desired areas contrary to the misconception that it boosts wifi speeds which is clearly not true. However, the setup process is similar to that of a router and can be easily done by going to htpp:// setup.

The Dlink extender setup

The dlink extender is compact and easy to use and wifi range extender that extends your wifi range instantly up to 1000 square feet instantly and is connectible to your consoles and compatible universally with almost all the router products available in the market. You will need to set it up with your router and then connect it in the desired location and then enjoy your extended range wifi connectivity. You can do the setup via the website UI by searching the IP address and entering the login credentials.

Then set up the extender is the mode in which you want to use it. Which means you can either set up the extender in repeater mode or as a different access point. Also, another manual method is using the WPS button to connect the extender to the router. Also, you could do it using the dlink application. This concludes the setup dlink extender.

Dlink extender firmware update

The http link makes a lot of the functions a lot easier. You will be able to check the network range strength, speed, and also switch the extender on and off. You will also be able to use the reset function to reset the extender to factory settings conveniently instead of manually pressing the button, saving you time and effort. The aforementioned link also takes care of the dlink wifi extender firmware update and you can manually toggle when you want to install it or ask it to prompt you each time.

You will always be notified by the link whenever there is an extender firmware update. You will be able to toggle the option for automatic download. The installation procedure done. The firmware updates are important and continuous installation is necessary for optimal performance.

Extender troubleshooting

The device shows the dlink local not working. You try to access the default page via a browser. Please make sure that you are connected to the extender as that can cause such issues. Also, make sure to reboot your extender every week to improve and maintain performance. If you find that the extender starts malfunctioning or acting up then run the troubleshooter through the dlink app and if that fails to solve the issue then make sure to factory reset your device. To do that press and hold the reset button until the LEDs start flashing rapidly after that wait for the device to complete the reset then set it up again by following the instructions given above.

A short review

A compact device with extensive functionality and compatibility that allows you to extend your wireless range to every nook and corner of your house while no longer decreasing the network strength on your internet browsing speed. Keep up with the pace of your games and never lag behind with a strong connection to your console or pc gaming setup with the dlink extender backed up by the dlink app. Making it clear, the dlink extender is a versatile device with continuous updates making it better with time. You will really want to consider your choices in conductivity if you do not choose this affordable yet highly recommended device.

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