A Comprehensive Guide To Crypto Casinos


With cryptocurrency taking the world by storm in recent times, its presence in our daily lives and hobbies will soon be ineludible. With this storm comes the birth of crypto-transactions, crypto-trading, and crypto casinos –– all of which will revolutionize the definition of money and finance.

As such, cryptocurrency’s impact can be felt even in the world of gambling where online casinos are flirting with the idea of crypto-transactions. Hence, this guide will serve to help you understand the nature of crypto-gambling.

Different Types of Cryptocurrencies in Crypto-Casinos

Whilst most casinos have bitcoin promotions and Ethereum, you’re certain to find casinos that offer a plethora of cryptocurrencies that will suit your preference.


Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency right now and it is rightfully so thanks to its security and reliability. Thanks to the blockchain system, Bitcoin is considered one of the safest cryptocurrencies out there. The fact that Bitcoin is decentralized also prevents government interference and influence.


Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency. One of its perks is that it takes less time to deposit in a casino. Not to mention, Ethereum has relatively lower charges compared to Bitcoin. Although Ethereum loses out to Bitcoin in the security department, it is still an efficient and convenient alternative to Bitcoin.

Pros Of Cryptocurrency In Casinos

With all the tight restrictions and rules implemented on online casinos, it is costly and troublesome to navigate them as such. However, with cryptocurrency, online casinos will be able to avoid these regulations and make payments or transactions much more convenient.

Lack Of Centralized Entity

A very alluring benefit of cryptocurrency is that there are not many restrictions and control the government has implemented on it, allowing us to use our funds more freely without barriers as well as with privacy.

Transaction Fees

Another advantage is that cryptocurrency generally has low transaction fees compared to traditional online transactions where fintech companies like PayPal and GooglePay charge relatively higher fees.

Smoother Verification Process

Since in cryptocurrency, the blockchain allows your transactions to be visible and easily attainable, it is very easy to show proof of transactions to the online crypto-casinos, thus allowing smoother and easier verification processes.


Although your transactions in crypto are transparent thanks to the blockchain, the majority of the crypto-casinos allow users to pay without including sensitive and personal information, thus giving users the benefit of anonymity.

Internationally Accepted

Thanks to cryptocurrency being decentralized, it has no central entity controlling or regulating it, hence it is accepted internationally and will have no barriers for specific or isolated countries.

The Best Crypto-Casino For You

Crypto Casinos

The best crypto-casino for you depends on your preference of course. An important factor to consider is if the crypto-casino accepts the specific cryptocurrency you want to use. Another factor is the incentives you prefer from these crypto-casinos, especially in the form of bonuses. Don’t forget to check the international availability of the crypto-casino you want to use, as certain casinos only do not accept players from certain countries.

Crypto-Casino’s Bonuses

Online casinos are known to provide several types of bonuses to incentivize users to play in their casino, hence it is important to understand the different types of bonuses for you to choose the best.

Deposit Bonuses

As its name suggests, deposit bonuses are bonuses awarded to you to the amount which you deposit, normally of a fixed percentage. For example, a 10% deposit bonus would mean a $100 bonus for every $1000 you deposit.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are bonuses that do not require you to deposit to get the bonus. It is normally a fixed amount given to you for simply opening an account with a particular casino.

No-Bet Bonuses

These are bonuses that have no pre-requisite on how it is used or how often it is used. It can be claimed or withdrawn without any rules or requirements.

Reload Bonus

These are bonuses that award you for repeated deposits, thus incentivizing users to play in the casino more.

Loyalty Bonuses

The loyalty bonuses vary for different casinos. They are often presented in a point system, with users who achieve more points benefitting from more bonuses. If you want to be awarded even more bonuses, you can try the VIP programs, which award the most bonuses in casinos as well as give you exclusive entrance into premium events and games.

Choosing an Online Casino

All in all, choosing the best casino depends on you, your geography, your language, your preference as well as the site’s reliability.

Geography and Language

It is vital to ensure the casino of your choice allows players from your countries as there are certain bans in certain countries that restrict such casinos. Do make sure to be able to play in your preferred language or the whole experience will be a hassle for you.


All the online casinos available have some kind of license. In other words, they are regulated by one of the countries’ governments of the world. For it to operate in a certain area, the country must allow online gambling. Licenses can be handed out by a country or by jurisdiction.

If you are being taken advantage of by a casino that is unwilling to pay out your winnings, we recommend turning to the regulator who originally issued the license. This is the part when the importance of the country/jurisdiction that granted the license comes to play. A respectable regulator will usually hear out both parties. If found guilty, the casino can end up losing its license.

Their Revenue Versus Your Profit

If you manage to win big in a small casino it will hugely disrupt their cash flow and the desire not to be honest about it will be great. The worst case is when they have insufficient funds and you have no chance of getting your winnings.

Also, online casinos don’t like to limit their slot games to not drive out the high rollers. Instead, they install withdrawal limits that can prevent you from getting your full amount of winnings immediately. Before choosing a casino to play in, make sure it has the financial capabilities to pay you out in case of a big win and check the withdrawal limits as well!

Quality of Support

The faster the support is, the better. Solving your question or problem in minutes is a lot better than doing it with days. That is why we can’t stress the importance of 24/7 support enough. Ideally in the form of live chat. If the support is only available through email or an always busy helpline, it might be better to choose another site.

User Experience

You can be pretty certain that the bigger the casino the better the website itself. However, new types of online casinos have emerged recently. Online casinos use user experience and design as a weapon and take it into account when developing their product. These casinos are not big yet but they will be. With better navigation of the website, your experience there will be much more pleasant.

Deposit, Withdrawal Option, and Fees

It is also important to consider the duration taken for deposit and withdrawal as well as the charges related. The faster it is the better. Be sure to look out for the payment methods of your choice too!


All in all, the main factor in choosing a casino should be its reliability and its efficiency. After all, you’re all there for fun and money, inefficiency and unreliability ruins it all! There is an abundance of online casinos to choose from, so be sure to be methodical in choosing to have the best experience.

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