A Dummy’s Guide to Youtube Marketing

It’s no secret that Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is easily the most effective form of marketing for your business today. While SMM utilizes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, marketers are beginning to discover that they’ve been sleeping on one of the best marketing opportunities of the Digital Age: YouTube marketing!

But we’re not leaving you here, not yet. Below, you’ll find the best tips for creating and managing a YouTube marketing campaign.

Foolproof Steps to Designing A YouTube Marketing Campaign

1. Creating A Business YouTube Channel

The first thing many marketers get wrong is making a regular Google account for their YouTube marketing. Instead, create a Brand Account on Google, allowing multiple users to log in from various terminals for increased convenience. Even if you’re the only marketer using the channel, always having your options open is a good idea.

2. Learn About Using Demographics

Before you can get started with YouTube marketing, it’s vital to understand YouTube demographics. In simple terms, demographics segregate your audience into brackets based on different factors, like their age range, home country, and preferred device to watch on. You’ll want to do this because using demographics allows you to modify and improve your content to either capitalize on a single group or appeal more to different groups!

3. Always Look Up Your Competition

Business owners and marketers have to learn the hard way that no matter how unique their idea may be, there’s always competition in the field. The same goes for YouTube marketing: other companies and entities are trying to appeal to the same groups as you. Read more about 7 Ways to Expand Your Animation Channel on YouTube.

Competitive analysis, a comprehensive audit of your main competitors, allows you to see where your channel comes up short in measure.

4. Get Tips From Your Favorite Channels

Yes, it’s essential to be unique, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take tips, right? If you have channels you particularly like, take suggestions from how these channels design their content, the format they use, and the audience engagement techniques they use. Like almost everything else, marketing is a learning process, and one of the fastest ways to get better at it is to look at what successful companies are doing.

5. Fuel the Almighty Algorithm With Views

We don’t really have to tell you this, right? Getting views (one single view is the equivalent of one person clicking on your video and getting to the player) is how YouTube’s algorithm decides which videos are inherently popular. And believe us, if you want to be successful, pleasing the YouTube algorithm isn’t just the fast track. It’s the be-all, end-all of YouTube marketing.

And, past, there’s a way past the grind of building up an audience. For just a couple of dollars a pop, you can look up where to buy youtube views and start out with the best chance of getting your videos recommended by the algorithm!

The Conclusion

If you want to know what makes YouTube so good for marketing, there’s a great answer: videos have much greater personal engagement than text or just images. Overlooked by countless marketers worldwide, YouTube, the video-sharing platform, enables businesses to create videos to engage with a potential audience of two billion users.

The best part? That’s just the logged-in users!

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