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Basic Concepts of Digitally Marketing a Company Video

The reasons why companies are preferring videos for their digital campaigns are many and diverse. Written content alone, even the most creative of them all are no longer enough. They are not interesting and engaging anymore, especially now that most of the customers are inundated with live streaming and other videos that are ready to consume. Because of this, businesses have found it necessary to create and release branded videos at regular intervals. But for those who have never created a video, the going can be tough. So, where do you start?

In this article, you will learn the basics about video marketing strategy and how to achieve maximum results with it.

How to craft a video marketing strategy

Video advertising strategies are not new and before you commence creating a digital marketing video for your digital marketing efforts, it’s of essence that you do research. A high-quality video strategy will provide you with proper information that regards your budget, production process and timelines, and how to measure the results. So getting this done and jotted down should be the first process in your video production process. Remember that any small or large business can benefit immensely by getting the help of an SEO expert to help them with their video marketing.

Steps to follow when building a video marketing strategy

  1. Start with outlining your goals

Outline the goals which your video would like to achieve. You should develop a video that serves every stage of the marketing funnel. The video should create awareness on the part of the customers, create consideration, or make them know how their problems can be solved, and finally, the video should convince the customers that you are the best to solve their problems.

An awareness stage video is the best when your interest is to attract new customers to your brand. A consideration stage video is the most appropriate for engagement while a decision stage digital marketing video helps in the decision stage.

  1. Determine your target audience

After you are sure about the stage that you will be targeting in the marketing funnel, the next step should be about determining who your targeted audience is. If you create a video without being sure about this, you can rest assured that it will be a flop.

  1. Decide on the story that you will be telling

While this is the hardest part, it’s full of fun. Know your target demographics, the pain points that your customers are suffering, and the technique that you will use while introducing your service or products. Moreover, you should be aware of the kind of emotions that you want your story to carry.  You may choose to make them laugh, feel happy, inspired, or more. It depends on your goals.

  1. Maintain creative requirements

Know that there will be someone in your department who will be required to approve the video. Take into account the timelines that are required to complete it and ensure that there are no sudden alterations in the scripting, goals, and messaging. These could throw everyone off guard.


Video marketing is easy if you know how to go about it. Other than being an excellent video maker, you should know your targeted population and understand the reason why you are creating that video. The above short, but fairly detailed concepts should help you create an amazing video for your company’s marketing.


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