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Escape rooms are all the rage in Northwest Indiana! One of my favorite escape rooms for adults and kids is NWI Escape Room – they have a fantastic escape room for adults and kids to play different games, puzzles, and clues. They have two locations near Hammond, IN, so you can even bring your whole family or team with you. NWI Escape Room has some of the most challenging puzzles that will keep you locked in their game until it’s solved!

About Locked in the Lack:

The website has some of the unique escape rooms in town. The Lake House and Under The Stars are both while still providing an exciting experience for large groups! You’ll love our new Vault room; we’re not kidding when we say it will leave your brain feeling fried from all that thinking time spent figuring out clues and locks – get ready because this place is pretty intense (in a good way)! Do you like solving puzzles?


Region Escape Room is a physical adventure game where participants are placed in the middle of an immersive environment and must use teamwork to find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes or escape before time runs out. Imagine if you designed your workplace around you – it would be like being surrounded by friends who know what makes YOU tick!

What do you have to do in an NWI Escape Room?

Solve Clues:

Each escape room has several different types of clues. There are physical clues (clues that you find), riddles, puzzles, and more! However, there will always be something new to try out, no matter how much time we’ve spent looking at those board games together before now.


Communication is difficult. It can seem like a simple concept, but in reality, it’s not that easy when you have people who speak different languages or don’t speak at all! If communication were just about words, then maybe they wouldn’t be so bad off – they’d still need some understanding, right? But no communication goes beyond talking and encompasses everything from gestures to body posture; sounds too (don’t forget those). So gather your favorite big mouths for this escape room because if there ever were an activity designed with bringing out someone else’s lack, this would qualify as one.

Time of 60 minutes:

Time is running out, and the clock keeps on ticking. You only have 60 minutes to solve your task, but in that final minute, it’ll seem like an eternity has passed since you started working on this problem! The tone should be friendly as advice: stay cool while doing what needs to be done because there might not always be time left when things get hectic or intense.

Room Escape Games in Indiana:

There are multiple tasks, clues, puzzles, and Games that you have to play in the escape room of Indiana. Some of the famous games that you can play in the NWI escape room are as follow:

  • The escape room fishers
  • The escape room Indianapolis
  • Twisted room escapes
  • Room to escape
  • Rugged Xscape
  • Mission: Breakout Lafayette
  • Escape the Room Indy
  • Breakout games-Indianapolis(Castleton)
  • Locked up escape room-Fort Wayne

Conclusion paragraph:

If you haven’t tried this type of activity before, we encourage you to give it a go! It may be just what your family needs for some quality time together. Give us a call or contact us via email if there are any questions – we want to help make sure that your next visit is perfect! We hope you enjoyed reading about our NWI escape adventure, and we’d love to hear your feedback on the experience.

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