Best Time to Travel to London, According to the Expert

Are you looking forward to visiting London? If you want to spend a great holiday and take your experience to the next level, it is highly recommended that you pick wisely the season of the year in which you book your trip. According to the reviews of thousands of regular and occasional visitors, the best time to visit London is in the months from March through May, and the reason behind this is that the temperatures are more pleasant and you will enjoy some of the nicest landscapes when it comes to city’s parks -everything around will have a bright, vivid vibe with lots of green and blooming flowers. Another period that is of the top-rated times to visit this legendary country, is summer when they receive a huge amount of tourists from all over the globe. So, we strongly suggest you book your flights and hotels with good anticipation. A very good alternative that might give you more peace of mind when it comes to finding the best activities, is getting the service of a reliable London guided tour agency. In this article, we will give you some ideas of activities that you can fit in your itinerary next time you visit London.

Spring: March through May

Although this iconic country is among the favorite places to visit in Europe and could be considered as peak tourist all year round, late spring, as well as the beginning of summer, are some of the best months for the tourism industry (hotels, airlines, hostels, restaurants and tour agencies), being especially busy. In the case that you decide to plan your trip for this special season, you will be able to enjoy the famous royal parks and many beautiful gardens in full bloom, this is easily the most pleasant weather you can find in London. You just have to be prepared to see quite some other small and big groups of tourists sightseeing around. One of the reasons why many people love late springs in London is that they will not be having to deal with the rainy falls or the sometimes very humid summer. Visiting this country during spring means experiencing average weather of 50 to 60 ° F. 

Events you can’t miss

Vault Festival: You can witness what is described by many as the UK’s best independent organization with the best live artistic performances, which takes place from late January through March, featuring lots of amazing shows in the fields of theatre, comedy and other types of live entertainment.

London Coffee Festival: in the period from 31 March through 03 April, you will have the great opportunity to join an incredible trade show and enjoy national and international coffee exhibitors, as well as gourmet food stalls.

Gemini Boat Race: if you are a big fan of sports, then you will love to experience the annual Oxford-Cambridge University boat race held in April, which is one of the world’s oldest and most popular amateur sport competitions.

There is so much more to enjoy in London during this season, from St Patrick’s Day to the London Book Fair, take the chance to find it out in your next vacation.

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