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The windows spy app is one of the major products that TOS has ever produced. It’s been designed especially for the business enterprises where employers provide plenty of windows laptops/desktop computer machines to their employees in order to get productivity. These machines are most popular devices in the contemporary world. On the other hand, the best windows tracking spyware introduced by TheOneSpy has the power to monitor all the activities happen on the target device. 

Employees usually waste their time in working hours on social networking apps and also visit the websites that are not associated with the assigned task. So, time-wasting activities may cast an employer a lot. So, the windows surveillance program is the best tool to monitor the employees within the business world and it is also best to set the parental control on kids and teens activities having windows computer machine. 


A short introduction of TOS windows spying app

The windows spying product introduced by the TOS is convincingly best of the best. The monitoring app for windows has state of the art features that are perfect for the tracking of each and every single activity happens on the machine. TOS customer care representatives provide easy and understandable answers to each query asked by the customers until they get satisfied.

 The price of the world’s no 1 window tracking spyware is quite reasonable compared to their competitors. Let’s discuss all the contemporary tools of the windows monitoring program.  

User-friendly reports 

It enables a user to get the user-friendly reports regarding the target windows machine user. No matter what happens on the device, it will make reports of each and every single activity of the windows machine and provide the user along with the complete time stamp. It is very helpful parents when kids and teens are using the windows computer devices and do plenty of in appropriate activities that may harm young kids and teens a lot, employees within the working hours do plenty of un-authorized activities, then if you have installed the windows spy software on the target machine. You will get reports that really helpful parents to take affirm decision to protect kids and teens

On-demand Screen Shots 

The on-demand screenshots mean user whether parents or employers can get the screenshots whenever they want at the time when they think a particular need to be converted into the screen shot as a reminder or prof. so, on-demand screen shot to enable a user to do effective monitoring on the target person device activities. 

Block Websites 

Young kids and teens sometimes get their hands on sexually explicit websites and become addicted to it and on another hand employees use entertaining website within the working hours to waste the time. Parents and employers respectively stop these activities on windows machine by putting the URL of the website into filters. This won’t allow target user to visit the inappropriate content at all. 

Mighty Alarms

Furthermore, it empowers users to put heavy restrictions on all those activities that a user doesn’t want give access to the person that is using the windows devices whether they are teens or employees. A user just needs to set mighty alarms on those particular activities of teens and employees respectively that user have the view are inappropriate. So, whenever target person starts performing the restricted activities the alarms get activated and the user comes to know what is happening on the target machine.  

Invisible Mode Tracking  

If a user doesn’t want that the target user gets to know the activity of being spying by someone, they can put the windows monitoring spyware on invisible mode tracking. This will not let a target user know that someone has kept a hidden eye on their all of the activities on the target device. Therefore, parents and employers usually use invisible mode in order to track the kids and teens and the employees within the offices respectively. 


Real-Time Monitoring 

The best windows spying app even enable employers and parents to monitor the target window device of kids and teens and employees in real time. It means if employees or teens are doing any activity, a user will get instant details of their activity happen on the machine. All of this tool can be used by sending a command to the target device and once the device has received the commands it will start working with complete accuracy.

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