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Bought An Amazon FireStick? Here’s How to Get Free TV and Movies

The Amazon FireStick is one of many set-top box systems available on the market that allow access to streaming channels on your TV. If you’re a loyal Amazon customer who’s used to, say, the benefits that Prime tends to provide, you probably got the FireStick thinking it would offer the same kind of bang for your buck.

Unfortunately for you, the FireStick comes nowhere close. According to, the only competitive edge that Amazon FireStick has over other set-top systems is a voice-activated way to search Amazon and a couple of gaming options. This provides absolutely no benefit for the customer, as the Amazon channel is available for download on many of FireStick’s competitors. To make matters worse, FireStick has a limited number of other channels available for download, and the voice-search function doesn’t extend to the few channels that are.

In short, if you own an Amazon FireStick, you’re likely able to browse Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, but you have few to no options to access channels that provide free streamable content. The good news for you is there’s actually a way to change how your FireStick works that’s quick, easy to follow, and secure.

Setting Your FireStick Free:

It’s called jailbreaking, and despite the somewhat sketchy name, there’s nothing illegal or shady about it. Jailbreaking is, put simply, the reprogramming of a system to remove restrictions the manufacturer placed on what kinds of software are compatible with it. By doing this, you can access programs that aren’t on the App Store and get access to a broader range of free TV and movie channels. Read more about How To Professionally Do The Best Possible Amazon Products Photography?

As it turns out, the FireStick is actually one of the best devices to do this with, as the process involved in jailbreaking it is one of the simplest. The Firestick was made to sell amazon products above all else, so while it could have access to the same free TV and movie channels as other set-top systems, it doesn’t. The best way to think about jailbreaking your device, should you choose to do it, is that you’re taking advantage of loopholes left in the system to get more out of your system.

The process involved is simple and secure, only involving changing a few of your security settings. There are plenty of walkthroughs available: feel free to check a few of them out.

Jailbreaking Safely and Securely:

Understandably, the idea of messing around with your device’s security can be nerve-wracking for some. Nothing in the jailbreak process is irreversible, but if you’re looking for assurance of your device’s security, you may want to consider getting a VPN that’s compatible with FireStick. VPN’s keep your information safe from hackers and ISP’s, and also prevent any attempt by your ISP at internet throttling, or intentionally slowing down services you use because they were paid by someone else to prefer different services. They can also allow you to access channels and services that are only available in other regions, which is a bonus.

Whether you go through with the jailbreak process or not, a VPN may be a good investment on your part for the internet throttling concern alone. It’s all about taking control of your streaming experience and bypassing corporate attempts to control what you do and don’t have access to. Having a reliable, trusted VPN active will make it easy to cut through Amazon’s red tape and access sites that aren’t harmful while avoiding the ones that are.

Take Control of Your Viewing Experience:

Especially with the attacks on net neutrality that have been taking place over the last few years, the internet is no longer a truly “free market,” so to speak. Your FireStick is programmed in such a way that it prefers one company’s products over others and restricts access to other channels. Your ISPs will slow down your network connection if you access a service they don’t like and the worst part? None of that even scratches the surface of how partisan these spaces have become.

Consider using services like VPNs or just jailbreaking your FireStick. You might find that you’ve cracked the corporate code, and you finally get the bang for your buck that you deserve.

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