Can Exquisite Packaging Lead to Greater Sales?

If you ask someone to define marketing, many will point towards advertising, especially in the form of print ads, online ads, TV, and magazine ads. But any inbound marketer knows that this isn’t the whole picture.

Packaging is an essential piece of the marketing mix. In many instances, it is the last advertisement your customers get to see for the product as they walk down the aisle and browse store shelves before finally throwing a product in their cart. An enticing packaging positively grasps customers’ attention and compels them to buy it.

This truly depicts the power of packaging that many entrepreneurs and marketers often fail to comprehend. Ignoring the packaging means lowering your sales. If you don’t know much about product packaging, it’s vital to understand the solution.

What is Packaging? 

Packaging is a way to encase or wrap products for sale. Some products are packaged in specific encasings due to their fragile nature. Others primarily use it to convey important information to potential buyers.

In the broader context, packaging points towards a complete process of ideation, design, production, encasing, and selling the products; when you think of packaging in this way, it allows you to see its impactful marketing component.

How Packaging Sways Buying Behavior?  

Even the most rational people have an emotional aspect of buying something. But not all are aware of the degree to which their emotions can drive purchases. This proves true when it comes to impulse buying behavior. However, packaging companies like The Legacy Printing are well aware of this propensity. More importantly, they know how to drive these emotions with the exquisite packaging solution.

For instance, the Legacy Printing specializes in creating custom eyelash boxes that emotionally engage prospective customers with their intriguing color palette, enticing font style, smooth packaging materials, and luxurious but affordable printing elements. Together all these components make custom eyelash boxes hard to ignore. And when you have a packaging that can stand out in the sea of similar items, customers can’t miss it.

If your custom eyelashes boxes can do the same, you are in for a treat. But if that’s not the case, you will not be able to register more sales and improve your bottom line. This brings us to the million-dollar question: How can one design and develop packaging that attracts customers? To answer this question, first, comprehend what your ideal customers want.

What Does Your Target Audience Want?

Though customers are less likely to recognize how product packaging inspires them, there are a few things they certainly look for in a product box. It includes things that help customers easily identify a product and brand. Then comes the information that tells customers about the product, such as the ingredients used in the product, quantity, best before date, etc.

Some packages, including eyelash boxes, are kept with the product even after the purchase due to their storage and protective function. If you plan to offer a packaging that can be used for storage and carrying the product, make sure it should be compact, robust, and easy to carry. Else, it will be just another packaging. Providing customers a packaging that checks all the boxes will aid you in making more sales.

When creating packaging, don’t forget to consider the growing awareness of sustainable living. Today, a high percentage of consumers seek green packaging that can be reused or recycled. This packaging not only reduces your carbon footprint but also allows you to lure customers that prefer sustainable packaging and brands, which is a quick and easy way to boost sales.



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