Device Light on Netgear EX3700 Periodically Change

Why does the Device Light on Netgear EX3700 Periodically Change?

If the device light on your Netgear EX3700 WiFi range extender periodically changes, then let us tell you that you are not alone struggling with this issue. Many users report that the device light on the EX3700 changes its color red, green, or amber periodically. And most times, the device is red or even amber, making the online tasks (loading emails, browsing the internet, streaming videos, etc.) slow.

But you don’t need to worry! This troubleshooting guide will walk you through various fixes to get the issue resolved. Continue reading.

Fixed: The Device LED on Netgear EX3700 Periodically Changes

1. The Netgear EX3700 Extender is Not Properly Set up

Improper or partial Netgear EX3700 setup may result in LED issues. So, make sure to install your Netgear WiFi range extender in a proper manner. Here are the required steps:

  • Connect the power adapter of your Netgear EX3700 extender to a wall socket and let the extender turn on.
  • After that, grab an Ethernet cable and use it to connect your extender to the existing router.
  • Ensure that the router is also turned on and receiving fluctuation-free power supply.
  • Use a web browser to access web-based portal.
  • The prompted login window will ask for user ID and passphrase.
  • Once done, hit the Log In button.
  • Now, the genie smart setup wizard will open. It provides you on-screen instructions to set up your EX3700 WiFi range extender.

Follow them carefully and complete your Netgear EX3700 extender setup. Now, connect all your WiFi-enabled devices and see whether the device LED is still changing its color or not.

2. Connectivity Issues With the Router

In order to fix the changing device light on your Netgear EX3700 extender, be certain that the extender is properly connected to your existing router via an Ethernet cable. Don’t forget to check the Ethernet cable. In case it is damaged or having cuts, replace it with a new one immediately.

3. The Location of Your Extender is Not Good

The next thing to check is the location of your Netgear extender. On the off chance if the EX3700 is placed inside a cabinet, behind an almirah, near concrete walls, or inside a box, then you are going to experience LED issues with it. So, bear in mind to keep the extender in an open area.

Also, there should be a minimum distance between your extender and interference-creating devices like electronic gadgets, reflexive surfaces, metal objects, and water resources. Therefore, once you are done with the new Netgear extender setup process, keep your extender in the home while considering the aforementioned things.

4. Multiple Devices Are Connected to the Extender

The EX3700 extender includes only single device LED. In the event that you have connected more than one device, the LED is not going to be 100% accurate. You have to log in to your Netgear WiFi extender to see what the actual signal strength is.

Note: The troubleshooting steps remain the same if you are facing device LED issues after Netgear EX7000 setup or Nighthawk X6 setup.

These were the best possible ways to rectify the device light issues with the Netgear extender.

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