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Do You Know About These 5 Types Of Wire Fencing?

No matter if you are a rancher, suburban dweller, or homesteader, good fences can make your neighbors happy. There are many options for fencing, and there are many reasons to do so. We’ll be concentrating on wire fencing, which is the type of fence almost always used for the following purposes:

  • Pets in your backyard 
  • Livestock on your ranch 
  • Poultry at your farm 
  • Prison inmates 
  • At the local zoo, animals 

You can also use wire fencing to keep unwanted elements away, such as: 

  • You can keep deer and rabbits away from your garden. 
  • Intruders on your property. 
  • Thieves at the local salvage or lumber yard. 

The wire fencing serves a multitude of functions in modern society, urban and rural. There are many uses for wire fencing. They serve many purposes including industrial, aesthetic, and practical. The wire fencing is useful for keeping unattended children away from a community pool or for marking off restricted areas for testing and containment. 

We have a comprehensive list that will help you understand the different types of wire fencing. It covers everything you need before you decide which type of wire fence is best for you. 

Wire Fence Construction 

There are many options when it comes to wiring fencing: woven, welded, and electric. Each wire fence type has its advantages and disadvantages. Each one is best for a specific purpose. Consider the wire fence construction when selecting the right fencing for your home improvement project. 

Fencing with welded wire 

You can create a wire fence by using wires placed in vertical and horizontal configurations that make squares or rectangles. Spot welding is used to attach the wires together. This results in strong, flexible fencing that is almost featureless. 

Woven Wire Fencing 

Woven fencing can be made from woven wire, which is different from welded wire fencing. It is created by weaving together pieces of wire in various configurations. One popular example is the chain-link style of woven wire fencing. Woven fencing has a loose structure that can be bent or stretched to great flexibility. Because the strands are interwoven, the whole fence can come apart if one of them is removed. 

Barbed Wire Fencing 

Barbed wire is made from steel and is commonly used to confine cattle and other livestock. It is a type of twisted wire which is not like a traditional weave wire. Instead of being intertwined, its strands have been twisted together. The name comes from the fact that barbs form at regular intervals along the length of barbed wire. The sharp barbs, which can cause injury and pain to animals who attempt to break through the barbed wire, discourage them from trying.

Electrified Fencing 

An electrified fence is often made of thin steel and aluminum. It is designed to shock anyone who comes across it. For agricultural purposes, electrified fences deliver enough voltage to make any person who touches them uncomfortable. The offender may also be stunned by electrified fencing that is used for other purposes, such as commercial or industrial. An electrified fence that is military or security-grade may be used to deliver a deadly dose of energy. This could mean that any animal or person who comes in contact will die.

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