E-Waste Collection Singapore and It’s Ways to Dispose Off

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss one of the most important topics which are also beneficial for the environment and the future of our planet which is how we are supposed to focus on e-waste collection. In today’s blog off e-waste collection Singapore we are going to discuss the powerful five methods by which we can dispose of electronic waste in a safe and Secure method without harming the environment. so let’s get started!

Have you ever wondered that after you stop using your smartphone or throw off your old smartphone or its charger or any other electronic device what happens to it? Where does all that waste go? How is it disposed of? Well, we are sure that you must be unaware of all the answers to these questions. Do not worry because we are here to sort things out for you and provide you the guidelines about how you can do it yourself! It is no big secret that all electronic products are made of harmful chemicals which when disposed of and are left on the ground for long can also harm the earth.

Some chemicals such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants are few examples of it. If we dispose of electronic devices in an improper method then the chances of these dangerous chemicals contaminating the soil, polluting the air, and leaching into water bodies become very very high! 

If electronic waste is disposed of in a land where water can pass through it then it leaches. This not just contaminates the soil but also slowly contaminates the natural groundwater that is present below the earth. It increases toxic levels And further enters the water bodies resulting in entering our bodies when we drink that water. Although there are a lot of Eco-Friendly methods available in order to dispose of the electronic waste in a proper way yet it is still a fact that some countries send their electronic waste to third world countries where the children earn their livelihood by scavenging gold and silver out of these electronic waste which also is harmful to their health. 

With all the above information you must have understood that all the five methods that we are going to provide you in this blog of e-waste collection Singapore are not just going to benefit you but also the environment as a whole. 

  1. Give Your Electronic Waste to a Certified E-Waste Recycler: It is very important to hand over your electronic waste to a certified e-waste recycler because they are a trusted source and handle your electronic waste in a responsible manner. Always find an e-waste recycler who is officially certified by the Basel Action Network (BAN) which is a non-profit organization of recycling companies.

Things you must keep in mind while donating e-waste

  • Try upgrading your pc instead of simply replacing it
  • Remove all personal data by formatting the system
  • Remove the batteries from the electronic before disposing of them
  1. Sell Off Your Outdated Technology: This can prove to be a profitable method for you as if not much at least to some extent you are going to make money by selling off your outdated technology. It may turn out to be a great purchase for somebody in need hence both parties will be benefited from the deal. In order to find your required customer, you can look for a website that provides you a platform where a person who wants to sell their outdated technology and the person who is in need of a pocket-friendly device are brought together. 
  2. Try Donating Your Outdated Technology: A trash to you can be a treasure for someone else. Therefore in such a case donating your Outdated technology to someone who needs it can prove to be a great option not just for you but also for the person who will be getting your device. Is there a lot of organizations and businesses that offer electronic donation programs that you can choose from? Your old computer may prove to be beneficial to either an NGO or students.
  3. Visit Civic Institutions: Another powerful method to combat the access of electronics based on earth is by inquiring from the Government Universities and other civil institutions about introducing any programs that can help in disposing of the electronic waste in a planned and organized manner. A program like that will help the community be aware of all the various steps that these institutions take in order to combat electronic waste and will help them to participate in them.
  4. Give Back to Your Electronic Companies and Drop Off Points: Another witty method to deal with the electronic waste is by this method as there are a lot of companies that tend to have an exchange policy whereby they take back your old gadgets when you buy a later version, sometimes offering you a discount on your new purchase. Technology In The Office: Its Advantages And Disadvantages

We hope that our blog about e-waste collection Singapore provided you the much-required awareness with respect to the topic.

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