Essential Reasons You Should be Using a Country Top Level Domain

.com domains are without a doubt the best Top-Level Domain (TLD) to have for all businesses simply because most people would just type in .com after a brand name on the internet.

However, country-code TLDs, or ccTLDs, are domain extensions specific to a particular area or country. Some examples include (Australia), .co.Uk (United Kingdom), and .ca (Canada).

Let’s quickly discuss some of the benefits offered by ccTLDs.

ccTLDs offer Local Targeting and SEO Benefits

ccTLDs like allow a business to target traffic from specific world areas. For example, if you want to target visitors from Australia to your AU-based shoe website, you may consider choosing the .au domain as your extension. This will ensure that you can show up in the search results of those that live in Australia rather than the United Kingdom or the Philippines, or any other region.

This is also tied to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. A ccTLD provides you with a higher SEO result for country-based searches since search engines return different results, including local ones, based on the person’s IP address. If someone in Australia searches shoes Australia, your Australia-based shoe website might appear higher in the search rankings than if you have other domain extensions.

ccTLDs can Instill Buyer Confidence

ccTLDs can boost credibility while giving your website visitors more confidence. Visitors may feel that it’s easier to make purchases since they consider the website local, especially if they see that the address is recognizable rather than a foreign one. Many consumers prefer to fulfill transactions and visit sites in their native currency, language, and region.

ccTLDs Lets You Be More Creative

Many companies use a trick to build a strong brand around their domain name, known as a domain hack. This is done by using a word or name formed using a combination of the domain name and ccTLD. For example, uses the Ireland ccTLD and uses the Spanish ccTLD, while uses the Belgium ccTLD. It can even be used as a phrase or call to action like or The variety and combinations are endless!

Rules and Regulations

Some ccTLDs have restrictions on buying, renewing, and transferring country-code domains. Below is a list of popular ccTLDs you can consider. Read more about Root Domain vs Subdomain: Which Is Better for Ecommerce SEO?

.COM.AU – The .au domain ccTLD is regulated by AUDA, which declares that domain names cannot be pre-registered or reserved; they’re only made available on a first-come-first-served basis. The domain name license period is for two years only and can only be renewed if you continue to meet the requirements.

.CA – To purchase this ccTLD. For this, you need to complete the requirements of CIRA. These requirements include being one of the following: a Canadian citizen/permanent resident, Canadian association, corporation, educational institution, or trademark.

IE –  Ireland ccTLD requires meeting the IEDR requirements, including being located in one of the 32 counties of Ireland or giving proof of a connection to the country, like commercial or trade activity.

.DE – For this, a business or entity must follow the DENIC domain guidelines. One crucial requirement is to have an administrative contact within German borders.

It’s vital to overlook the efficiency of using a TLD such as .com and a ccTLD like .au domain to appeal to international and local customers. Through this, you get the potential for bringing in more customers and more profit.

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