Facts About Car Accidents

Car accidents can be overwhelming for most people. It could be challenging for the victims to deal with the accident scene, seek medical care, and file a claim with the insurance company. In most cases, the victim is not responsible for the accident. Other drivers are likely to cause accidents due to their negligence. 

Thousands of people get injured in car accidents each day. Very few people get proper medical attention, can walk safely, and be healthy again. If you encounter an accident, you must call for help immediately. Apart from handling the accident, there are some facts about a car accident that you should know. 

These facts can help you avoid an accident before significant damage is done. Some of the interesting and valuable points are listed below: 

  • Fatigued drivers 

When someone feels tired or lacks the energy to drive, they are likely feeling fatigued. Such a feeling is not similar to sleeping. When a driver is depleted, they are highly likely to cause a car accident. Unfortunately, 20-30% of car accidents are caused by fatigued drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. 

  • Age group 

Surprisingly, people between 16 to 20 have the highest probability of facing injuries or death after an accident. Many young adults and teenagers between 16 and 20 see driving as an exciting and fun activity. Sadly, such perception about driving can likely impair their senses and cause accidents. 

  • Number of people

Such facts are not meant to scare anyone but rather to help people deal with the accident better. Each year, nearly 50 million people face injuries or disabilities due to car crashes. It may sound intimidating, but you should try your best to drive safely on the road. Staying away from suspicious drivers would be advisable. 

  • Range of the accident 

You might be surprised to know that most car accidents occur within 5km of the driver’s home. Many research and surveys claim that most accidents were observed to occur within just 5km of the driver’s home. You must be careful when driving near your house. 

  • Injured people

When a car accident is caused, people tend to get injured. Apart from the victims or the people in the car, others are likely to be injured in the accident. In fact, half or more of the people facing injuries due to a car accident was observed to be pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcyclists. If you are anyone of them, you should pay close attention to the road and ensure your safety. 

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