Getting Educated: School Promotion Ideas to Help Yours Rank on Google

About 35% of private schools reported an increase in enrollment during the 2020-2021 school year. Families are looking for schools that are likely to stay open during the pandemic, and private schools fit the bill.

What that means for school administrators is that you need to be visible to these families. The first place they’ll look for private schools in the area is online.

How can you make sure that your school is front and center during these searches? Keep reading to learn the top school promotion ideas to capture the attention of parents and gain new students. Read more about Boston Bruins articles.

  1. Directory Listings

What’s the first thing that someone sees when they do a local search? A map with directory listings. This is known as the 3-pack.

Your directory listing has to be complete with the website URL, pictures, and other relevant details about your school. Visit Google My Business and complete your listing.

Positive reviews also help your school rank well in search results.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the one thing that can set your school apart from the others in your area. You can target parents in various stages of research.

For instance, a blog post about what parents should look for in schools appeals to parents considering private schools. These articles build trust with parents.

  1. Paid Ads

Paid ads help your school’s visibility while you’re building up SEO. It’s also widely used in marketing for schools.

This is a helpful strategy, but it’s difficult to master. You have to have the various pieces of paid ads all working together.

Headlines, ad copy, keywords, budget, and landing pages have to work in sync to create an effective ad campaign.

  1. Social Media Presence

Do you know how to promote a school on social media? It’s your chance to create a community and show parents why your school is special.

An active social media presence also helps your search rankings. Create a Facebook page and post videos and content that highlight students, teachers, and staff.

You can even do live streams of events at the school.

  1. Website Performance and Design

You’re about to do a lot of work to drive traffic to your website. It has to be ready for new visitors. A slow website with a bad design is a recipe to lose visitors.

There’s a connection between website performance and conversions. You could lose up to 20% of visitors if there’s a one-second delay.

Review your site on mobile and desktop devices. Change the site to improve speed and usability.

School Promotion Tips and Ideas

Private schools have a challenging time attracting new students because it is highly competitive. School promotion becomes incredibly important as you try to attract more students to your school.

These school promotion ideas show you how you can use the power of search engines to put your school in front of parents when they’re looking for a new school.

You’ll be able to reach the right people at the right time and show why your school is special. Be sure to visit the home page of this site for more digital marketing tips today!

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