The Best Travel Tips for a Safe Hajj

Performing Hajj is an obligation, not an option. Any Muslim who is financially and physically strong should execute Hajj once in life. It is a religious pilgrimage to Mecca which comes once a year and begins from the 8th to the 12th of Dhu al-Hajj, the very last month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Millions and millions of people from all over the world undertake it. It is such a great journey and to make your journey even more comfortable and peaceful, here are some travel tips for you to follow before undertaking this journey:

Plan and Book Your Journey Early:

It would be a plus point if your schedule your journey beforehand because when the time comes rates of everything from flights to hotels get doubled. Choose the most reliable and efficient travel operators and go for cheap Hajj packages. Five-star, four-star, and 3-star Hajj packages or deals are always available at travel agencies. So plan early and select the best hotels and flights of your choice.

Travel with Less Luggage:

It is the most essential point you need to consider. Heavy baggage is going to make your stay complicated in a new land. Carry all of the essential items, but don’t overburden everything. Burdensome luggage can make it extremely hard for you to move and get out of the throng of people quickly. So bring all the light stuff to get free of needless accouterments. Lighter will also keep you comfortable and tension-free.

Carry Several Copies of Required Documents:

Hajj is likely to be a hectic pilgrimage hectic and in this chaos, it is very normal for people to miss or lose things. Consequently, you should have several copies of all the relevant documents in order to mitigate the loss of the missing ones. Keep these extra copies in different places to avoid any sort of loss. For instance, you must keep one copy of these documents at your hotel, one with you or your partner to stay safe and calm.

Keep a Hajj Journal:

Hajj is going to be a lifelong experience for you and to take full advantage of this journey you should know what are the do’s and don’ts. So, in order to make this journey successful carefully read a Hajj journal and keep it with you to avoid mistakes. Learn about all those things that can make your pilgrimage easy and pleasant. There will be important things listed in this journal that will help you prepare your itinerary comfortably and ensure a relaxed stay in a different country. A Hajj journal will help you a lot in different aspects.

Carefully Keep All Your Essentials:

There are various fundamentals that can make your journey to Hajj easier and make it very convenient in the blistering climate of Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget! And bring all that you require including small things which include sleeping mats, travel pillows, tissues, towels, compact bags, cups, slippers, and a lot more substantial stuff, to consume whenever you require them. Keep all the things so you don’t need them to borrow from someone. Moreover, women can also take an extra Hijab with them in case they need them.

Less Food Consumption:

It is among the most serious matters that the Hajj pilgrims should understand. The toilet facilities would not be readily accessible throughout Hajj and thus you have to reduce your water and food intake in order to less use the washroom. During the flight, keep yourself hydrated to avoid the need for a toilet during Hajj. Apparently, the Hajj toilets would not be clean due to a multitude of people lining up to use them. So, it would be unhygienic to use the toilet very often. Consumption of less water can save you from going toilet over and over.

Get Vaccinated:

It is highly recommended that pilgrims receive compulsory vaccines as prescribed by Saudi authorities. It’s for your personal safety since vaccines will avoid the risk of being infected with viruses throughout Hajj. You must have to get all the vaccines and even get credentials to show them. Make sure to keep all required certificates that Saudi officials might ask you to show.

Stay Patient in The Crowd:

During Hajj there’ll be a huge crowd of millions of people but do not get panic, it’s common and Hajj authorities know how to manage all the crowd. Be patient, and do not push or get pushed by the crowd. No doubt, big crowds can be troublesome and people can lose their minds. But this is what you have to deal with. Stay quiet and peaceful and enjoy your life experience of Hajj.

Read the above-listed tips carefully before embarking on your Hajj journey. After reading these tips you’ll certainly be aware of the things that you might face there so, be fully prepared. It would be quite advantageous if you book your Hajj packages beforehand from reputed travel companies. This will not only cost you less but also makes your pilgrimage peaceful and soothing.

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