Steps for hiring a mobile app developer for a project

Hiring an app developer is one of the first questions once an app development firm decides to make an app. Whether a startup is being launched or a company is heading towards digitization or a firm is helping its client in this regard, hiring an app developer to accomplish such business goals is a must. The answer to this question is only eased when companies know what to do step by step.

Here in this article, experts in human resources having years of experience working for technology companies will be providing tips explaining the following:

  • Options to select from when an app developer is being hired.
  • Benefits of hiring a dedicated app development team.
  • Tips and procedures which help in hiring an app developer.
  • Questions to ask to determine the perfect fit from a host of available candidates.
  • Common mistakes made during the hiring process in hiring app developers.
  • A worthwhile and impeccable checklist used for hiring app developers.


Options to select from when the company is hiring app developers:

There are different options for hiring the most suitable candidate. At first, companies can start looking for an app developer through personal recommendations and connections. Other than that, they can search for them on social networks such as LinkedIn, Indeed or through job portals. They might also make good utilization of online directories like AppFutura, GoodFirms and Clutch.

Here are the most suitable options that companies can choose from to start their new project or for augmenting their IT staff when hiring app developers:

  • An in-house app development team created.
  • Acquiring the services of a local boutique team of app developers on a contract.
  • Hiring freelance developer(s).
  • Checking up on local body shop companies.
  • Hiring the services of dedicated mobile app companies.

What benefits does hiring a dedicated app development company bring?

Hiring a dedicated app development team can bring in the following advantages to organizations:

  • Allocation of app developers with the needed technical capabilities and technological understanding.
  • Allocating tech specialists with expertise in a particular field.
  • A greater ratio of cost and quality.
  • Time savings.
  • Business support.
  • Understanding user experience on a holistic level.
  • Risk management.
  • Project timeline management.
  • App support and maintenance pre and post launch of app.
  • Fair estimates for app development.
  • Financial and legal support provisions.
  • Elimination of the hiring process and other taxes from client’s end.

For expansion the company first validates and estimates all the tasks and plans the app development process. This helps in assembling a team of the right people with the needed skills and seniority levels, resulting in a top-notch product at the best price.

Criteria for hiring app developers wisely:

Let’s now discuss how a company can hire an app developer in a reasonable manner. Before the company proceeds step by step, it is important that some keystones be clarified. 

On a primary basis, the project’s requirements should be properly defined and the process of app development should be understandable, in a superficial manner at least, as suggested by experts from an agency of mobile app development Toronto.

These factors may help companies allocate a realistic budget on a preliminary basis to implement the app’s concept among the many app ideas present. They can information about the company, team, clientele, the communication process and the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Questions to ask when hiring an app developer:

When planning on hiring app developers for the company’s project, the following questions should be asked on a definite basis:

  • Level of seniority in the profession.
  • Number of years in the profession.
  • Technical proficiency and specialization in the industry (whether an iOS or an Android developer).
  • App projects completed.
  • Number of achievements acquired, technical certifications and/or awards won.
  • Whether or not did the candidate participate in any specialized conferences, workships, meetups or hackathons or both.
  • Deliverables provided (sample of code and vice versa).
  • Experience working under pressure and under tough deadlines.
  • How good are their interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Contribution to the project’s concept during the interview.

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