Which one Essentially IS A HOSTED PHONE SYSTEM?

When prospective clients look for a new phone system, they frequently ask us about hosted phone systems. For a long time, phrases like “Hosted” or “Cloud” have piqued the interest of both large and small organisations. It doesn’t hurt that the tech media is enamoured with the notion and enjoys debating its merits.

However, by the time these business owners, chief technical officers, and decision-makers meet with us, they are frequently unsure of what a “hosted” phone system is and, more crucially, what the benefits are for their company. A Hosted phone system with a VoIP phone system. However, there is a substantial gap between what these phrases signify.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) refers to a phone that uses the internet to give phone service rather than traditional public telephone lines (known in the telecom industry as the PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network). Most phones in use today, whether business phone systems or your mobile phone, are IP phones. However, just because you use IP phones does not always imply that your calls are over the internet or have a hosted phone system; it just indicates that the phones may utilise the internet to transmit and receive phone calls.

A hosted phone system, on the other hand. In contrast, often, an internet-based phone system (more on that later) refers to any phone system at your company’s premises.

Phone systems:

A hosted phone system is one in which the system’s “brains” (the servers and apps) are at a data centre rather than at your place of business. In the past, the leading phone companies (Bell, TELUS, etc.) provided a hosted service called Centrex.

How a Hosted System Operates:

In today’s modern hosted systems, your phone system effectively resides in the Cloud (servers and switches in a secure data centre off-site), and you connect to it for a monthly charge as a subscriber.

Your company receives the desk phones, plugs them in, and is ready to use. They automatically link back to the data centre’s servers and switches (which I will refer to as the “brains” from now on).

The “human brain” of the system, like any other cloud service or computerised system, the ” human brain ” of the system requires constant upgrades and maintenance (Think of Anti-virus programme updates or the iOS updates on Apple products). So, by delegating that portion of your phone system to the hosting business, you avoid having to deal with repairs, maintenance, or updates.

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