How glass manipulator rental companies are helping commercial builders save money?

As glass is a very delicate material, so we should be very careful while dealing with it. Therefore, glass manipulators and glass lifting equipment have used that help in lifting the glass from one place to another. Following are some glass manipulators;

  • GL-UMC600 glass manipulator
  • Vacuum manipulator MR800 for glass and flat panels up to 800kg

How glass manipulators make production smarter?

Glass manipulators are very helpful, their working is discussed below:

  1. Precision:

Traverse movement is driven by a heavy-duty servo motor with the cooperation of precise linear guide rails and high power V belts; Fast, silent, and precise. The wrist mechanism employs a pneumatic driven rack and pinion system, which accomplishes smooth, stable and precise flipping motion vertical arms have telescopic design and with this design it efficiently minimizes the cycle time and height of the robot

  1. Safety:

The shock absorbers are highly efficient and they allow fast motion. Glass manipulators have drop-proof locking mechanism, this mechanism provides protection from  accidence due to malfunction of the pneumatic source. With the help of its position limit sensors and blocks, it prevents mechanical and electrical malfunctions. The  control board of these glass manipulators is designed to CE EMC test with short circuit and noise proof functions.

  1. Convenience:

It is very convenient, its vertical and kick displacements can be adjusted simply by changing the position limit blocks in easy directions. Flyer structure is designed in control board, that helps in maintenance. Cable drag chains help with cable management and ease for maintenance

Benefits of glass manipulator rental for the commercial builders:

It’s better to rent out these manipulators for commercial use instead of buying them because glass manipulator rental provide a flexibility that extends to logistics and finance, at a minimum. Following are the main benefits of renting these equipments:

  • Achieve worry-free compliance
  • Maintain Strong Borrowing Power
  • Save at Tax Time
  • Avoid Storage, Transport Costs
  • Decrease Long-run Expense
  • Forgo the Upfront Investment
  • Reduce Waiting and its Associated Losses
  • Track New Opportunities
  • Sharpen Your Competitive Edge
  • Avoid Long-term Commitment
  • Eliminate Coordination Headaches
  • Gain Flexible Options
  • Get the Latest and Greatest

Get the latest and greatest:

As every year new models are made and these are better than the older one, also their working ability increases. Up-to-date feature benefits business a lot,  by bringing efficiency and specialization to the project. A piece of rental equipment can potentially do a few specialized jobs so much better than general equipment that you gain in time saved as well as wear and tear on the machines. In the same way, quality rental equipment can help you to compete in the market in a better way, renting also helps you avoid any risk of your machines becoming unusable or obsolete.

Track New Opportunities

A variety of equipments are available, price increases with the efficiency of the equipment. The best option for getting right equipment at low price is to rent it. A number of factors demand flexibility in today’s business market, such as increasing regulations, market volatility, growing demand for specialized capabilities and the general quest to deliver quality service, great products, efficiency or many other factors.

Save depreciation charges:

If you buy an equipment, then you have to depreciate it after the specified period. By renting you can get rid of these charges.

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