How Important Insurances Are With Moving Companies

It is exciting if you are preparing to move, especially because you get to experience that feeling of moving to your new property. However, one question that surely must have crossed your mind is whether or not you should purchase moving insurance? Every year, many people complain and leave bad reviews about the damage done to their properties while moving. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to customer’s safety of products, getting moving insurance is essential to keep your properties safe. 

Protecting your move with moving insurance and educating yourself on everything you need to know about such insurance is one of the best ways to protect your belongings when working with moving companies.

What does moving insurance cover?

One factor that determines what your moving insurance covers is your policy of choice. Speaking generally, moving insurance covers any form of damage to your household items and ensures customer’s safety of products while moving. If there is any form of damage either caused by the moving company or other environmental factors, the customer is covered. 

When it comes to making claims, insurance companies pay the actual depreciated value of the damaged goods, giving customers good value for their insurance. There is a need for an electronic and mechanical add-on policy for electronics and other essential appliances to make sure that your electronics are intact when moving. This insurance covers internal damage to your electronics, ensuring that you have essential coverage when electronics do not come on without any form of physical damage.

Does Homeowners Policy Cover Moving?

Most of the time, customers believe that homeowners policies will cover the movement of all their household items and essentially provide customer’s safety of products? This might be a wrong move to take without all the essential information related to your homeowner’s insurance. 

To ensure you are covered, you need to contact your insurance company and find out what is covered in the insurance. This is important because insurance coverage varies between providers. So, calling them to find out what your policy covers and knowing if you are covered is the right move to see if you need to purchase insurance.

Other Tips for Protecting your Move

Aside from purchasing insurance which is essential, here are some other tips which can help protect your properties and keep them safe when you move. 

  • Carefully package your items: if you are packaging your items, you need to make sure you package them properly. Ensure that you package them the right way with the right protective materials and boxes, leaving your property as secure as possible. 
  • Take pictures: before moving, you need to ensure that you take pictures of your belongings so that you will have no problem with the state of your belongings when you want to file a claim. 
  • Hire a professional moving company: one of the best moves is hiring a professional moving company like The Moving Genie to get the job done. We are licensed and insured, and this means that your property is always in safe hands with us. 

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