How Is Golf Course Extension Road Shaping Up In Gurgaon?

In case you are a Gurgaon Resident, then you are aware of these new interesting locations of Golf Course Extension Road or Golf Course Extn. Road, however, for those reading this article who may be new to Gurgaon, let me explain you a bit about this new area that is coming up as a hot destination for Gurgaonites.

So, typically the builders anywhere in the world are like mice always looking for cheese in newer locations, just like in the book “Who Moved My Cheese” they are always the first ones to start acquisition of land in the newer areas as they are more clued into the new master plans and the government’s initiatives of new development areas, rightfully so, they make a killing doing just this, not to mention the profits that are to follow for the value addition on construction etc. The same thing happened during 2007 to 2008, when the common man was unaware, and the builders were on a rampage to buy land of promise in this future development area only later to be known as Golf Course Extn. Road. While the road network was still only on paper, most of the land around this road was already gobbled in by the key developers who saw the promise of this location.

What’s special about this Road & Location?

Gurgaon has always been reckoned with Golf Course Road, which gets it’s name from the DLF Golf Course being right in the heart of the city. Having a Golf Course and very high-end residential communities like DLF Aralias, DLF Magnolias & the recent addition DLF Camellias always created an aura of luxury in and around this location, almost to say that this area almost started to be considered as the downtown of Gurgaon. However, the stretch of road was a mere 5 to 6 kms, which was too little for Gurgaon’s appetite for luxury lifestyle homes and high-end retail and office spaces for the Gurgaon residents. That is where the Golf Course Extn. Road was born, just at the end of the Golf Course Road, there was anew road created to connect to Sohna Road and further to NH-8 as Southern Periphery Road.

By then the times had changed, there was an evolution in India, The quality of buildings, interior offerings, kitchen equipment and modern facades with glass claddings etc all had undergone a tremendous change, the builders unleashed their creativity bringing about a drastic change in aspirational living creating modern masterpieces of architecture one after the other in a mad race of conception of quality residential communities (At least on paper !! It’s a different matter as to which ones really were able to deliver the promise). Nevertheless, the entire area of Golf Course Extn. Started getting the hype and started getting recognized as an upmarket residential location.

Developments on Golf Course Extn. Road

All said and done, some of the good residential communities like Ireo Grand Arch, IreoSkyon, M3M Golf Estate, Emaar Marbella, M3M Merlin, MahindraLuminaire&Ireo Victory Valley are in existence owing to the development of this location. And some good quality commercial retail and office spaces like Bharti WorldMark, M3M Urbana, AIPL Joy Central, AIPL Business Club, Emaar Digital Greens etc also developed as part of the commercial landscape in this location. Not to mention the very high end and the first Grand Hyatt Hotel and business hotels like Lemon Tree & Red Fox are part of the hospitality offerings in this location, making this an interesting place to live, work and shop.

Proposed Infrastructural Changes on Golf Course Extn. Road

As part of easing the traffic, there is an initiative planned which is like the underpasses just like the golf course road and also an elevated metro line that is supposed to extend from Golf Course Road to Golf Course Extn. Road and further go up to Manesar Suburb via the SPR(Southern Periphery Road). Lets wait and watch as to how much of this gets done in near future.

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