How to Avoid Common E-Commerce Translation Mistakes

As you are reaching out to global customers, it is necessary to have product descriptions in
different languages. Both small and large scale retailers need translation services. According
to experts, ecommerce translation must incorporate both human solutions and machines.
Running an ecommerce website is not simple as setting up a website with Shopify and
WordPress. Automatic translation services available online may translate an entire
ecommerce site into different languages with mere touch of a button. But, things are not so
easy. It is not so simple to translate an ecommerce site into the language of your audience.
You may end up making several mistakes and lose your customers. For ecommerce
translation, you should look for expert linguists rather than simply relying on software.
Ecommerce translation must be done accurately if you want to gain new customers and
retain the old ones.
Common ecommerce mistakes to avoid
Don’t make language mistakes if you host a multilingual ecommerce website. Avoiding
mistakes may save you from losing customers, losing money and energy. Find out the
common ecommerce translation mistakes you can make and how to avoid them:
● The greatest mistake is using automated translators. If you use automated translators,
you will lose customers automatically. Get in touch with expert linguists for human
translation. They can create attractive and compelling content in several languages
to impact the buying decision of mere visitors.
● Keyword translation or translating a keyword into a different language will prove a
failure. People of different countries have different needs and search habits. You
must rather research keywords used by the natives. A translated keyword may not be
entered by your target audience. If this happens, your business will suffer. Use
proper tools to look for keywords. Do a keyword research specifically for the country
or people you are targeting.
● Not localizing content is again a loss to your business. People of different countries
have different interests, and therefore, it is necessary to localize your strategy. You
have to produce content that captures the essence of the target country. What you can
do is choosing a native speaker to write the content.
● Not using powerful multilingual marketing strategy: It is necessary to pick localized
marketing strategy in order to gain more traffic, generate leads and increase sales.
Pick local marketing strategy for a certain target market.

A lot of work needs to be done in order to gain traffic and increase sales. Ecommerce
translation is one of the important things you need to do. Find an expert for the task.

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