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How to Choose Between Cat6a Cable 1000ft and PVC Cables

Ethernet is one network standard basically and the cables like cat6a cables that support this network standard. The cat6a cables also support other ethernet applications such as fast ethernet and gigabit ethernet applications. There is just so much to talk about these cat6a cable 1000ft. From their build to their technical specifications, every aspect offers so much. But to understand those points you know the difference of different cables insulation types. These insulations are used to protect the internals of network cables.

1: PVC:

Most common and the most sold type of cable insulation that you should know. We know PVC in simple words as polyvinyl chloride. It is a type of plastic material that is used in many commercial applications. With wires insulation, it has made its place. Now, we see that almost every second network cable has PVC coating. This coating is flexible and also very cost-effectively. When you go out and shop for a cat6a cable that has a PVC outer coating, you actually pay for the internals of that cable. The coating is not what you are paying for.

Therefore, always pay for the price of the cables. The flexible aspect of these cables makes them ideal for all kinds of network applications. If you are going to buy PVC cables, you should also know their cons. Well, in reality, there are not many cons of this material. The only major con is that it is highly flammable. If you are using it in plenum spaces, then it is not a good idea. Rest all the aspects of PVC cables are perfect. They are cheap, comes in a variety of qualities, and are offering decent protection to the internals of any network cable. 

Benefits Of PVC Insulation: 

As discussed before, we commonly use the PVC material in a variety of applications. Here are a few of its benefits:

  • Mechanical Strength 

The mechanical strength of the PVC material is also great that is why we see PVC insulation almost everywhere. They instal most of the cables in rough conditions. These are the areas where the PVC material shows its mechanical strength. 

  • Easy Installation 

The installation of PVC insulated cables is also relatively easier and convenient than other insulations. It requires no special tool and minimum modifications. 

  • Cost 

If you want to install cables that are easy to install and offer enhanced protection too, simply consider PVC insulation cables. 

2: PUR

Apart from the PVC material, there are many other material options too for cabling insulation. We commonly use one such material that is PUR material. Polyurethane or PUR materials are one common material that is also widely used as the polyvinyl chloride material. This material has better tensile strength than other materials. It is also ideal for areas where the temperature is usually high. 

3: TPE 

Though we are discussing just two material options for installation only the TPE or Thermoplastic elastomers is also one popular material option. Its positives are its super low-temperature characteristic and UV resistance ability. Due to these characteristics, this is used for outdoor applications where the temperature is sky-high mostly. 

Conclusion Cat6a Cable 1000ft! 

So, now you know which cable insulation you should go with while considering cat6a cable 1000ft. You have a ton of options, but always consider the one that offers the best strength, durability and is also cost-effective.

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