How to Connect PS4 to Hotel Wi-Fi?

You’re staying in a hotel room and have chosen to bring your PlayStation 4 with you so that you may play games or listen to music on the television. You set it up, and then try to connect to the hotel Wi-Fi router, only to be unable to do so because you can’t get to the hotel password screen. When you want to play online, it is absolutely possible to connect via these Wi-Fi routers.

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Make your selections:

Using your remotes, change the parameters. To modify network-related information, go to the settings area. After you’ve accessed the settings menu, go to the toolbox icon and select the (X button). This is where you will be able to connect to the internet and avoid the error warning that will show later.

Changing the network settings:

You’ll discover a range of connectivity options after you enter the network settings area. You’ll also notice a tab named “Security” among these options (Set Up Internet Connection). To uncover more connectivity alternatives that will allow you to use hotel Wi-Fi, select this option. Select the tab that allows you to use Wi-Fi when the next page appears. Instead of using the custom set-up, connect to the Wi-Fi router using quick set-up.

Configuring security settings:

The PS4 device will then join to the hotel’s Wi-Fi router of your choice. This step will guide you to the most important element of the procedure: testing the connection. Select Details from the drop-down menu (suggested actions). By logging into the hotel’s network, you will be able to set up the Wi-Fi network’s security.

Login on Wi-Fi:

You will then be taken to the login page for your hotel’s Wi-Fi network. Just as you did when joining for the first time, enter all essential credentials. Once you’ve completed those steps, retest your connection to confirm that everything is working properly, and you’re ready to begin gaming online. If that works, you’re good to go with online gaming.

Re-check Wi-Fi connection:

You must now double-check your Wi-Fi connection. Click the (Test Internet Connection) option, and if everything went well, you’ll get a message on the screen that says (Connection Test Complete). You have successfully connected your PS4 to the hotel’s Wi-Fi router. Though the procedure was a little complicated, it was well worth the effort. Make the most of your hotel experience.


Keep in mind that depending on the hotel’s Wi-Fi, you might not have the best internet experience. These Wi-Fi signals are typically weak and slow, but they should be adequate for watching some streaming and performing the majority of the other things you like on your PS 4. You can easily connect your PS4 with hotels Wi-Fi router by following Steps mentioned above.

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