How to Make a Letter Stamp with Melted Wax

By now, you could have seen a lot of items crafted from melted wax. You could be thinking of crafting some stamps that can be used in all your letters. Although this is not a common practice in modern days as people communicate using various social media platforms, learning how to seal letters using multiple forms of wax is not a waste of time. You can surprise your lovers with a letter sealed with these wax melts crafted in various symbols of love. However, you could be wondering about the means to use to achieve this. Here is everything you need to know before embarking on your journey of exploring various aspects of wax science and coming up with professional letter seals.

Assembling the materials needed

Before you think of crafting stamps that can identify your letters, you need to assemble a few items that will help you maneuver throughout the process. First, you need some Sculpey clay, some selling wax, a metal spoon, and a candle flame. You can watch some TikTok videos about melted wax and learn how to use candles in wax science. Alternatively, you can use a hot glue gun to melt the wax of your choice. Other items you may need include sharp pencils or pens, a safety pin or a needle, and some pendants to create impressions of your choice.  

Shaping the Stamp

The first thing you need to do is warm up the clay in your hands and create the shape for your stamp. You can do this by rolling clay in between your palms as you make balls or cylinders that can be shaped in any format. Pinch the top side of your balls and craft your desired shape. Do not use large portions of clay as this may interfere with the shape of your stamp. A diameter of 1-1.5 inches is highly recommended.

Create the Impression

This is one of the most amusing parts as you can design all the kinds of shapes you desire. Using all the tools at your disposal, press into the clay and create the design of your stamp. For instance, you can use pendants or jewelry to make some fancy impression and surprise those receiving letters from you. When crafting the thin line of your stamp, you can use some pearl earrings or a mechanical pencil. However, you do not have to be tense over the impression you make. In the long run, you are using clay. If you make mistakes, you can crush it and start again. It would be best to maximize the fun in this art as you explore your creativity in creating some of these stamps.

You need to understand that the stamp will reverse the impression you created on wax. Therefore, if you make a monogram or a date, ensure that you hold it up to a mirror to ensure that the stamp is placed correctly. The bottom line is using your creativity to create monograms with your desired impression. Remember that this is art and craft and your creativity should guide you.

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