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I Dyed My Hair Blue, Which Is About How I Started Writing a Blog


How I Started Writing a Blog? The beginnings. They are fascinating, exciting and usually terrifying. It’s normal, we’re used to some routine and order of things, and changes turn our lives upside down. And that’s what I value most about them. And that’s what I fear the most.

Even something as small as starting a blog often requires you to pull yourself together, prepare yourself properly, and finally fight with yourself to start.

Why don’t we even start?

As with most life changes, making a decision is crucial. And this is not the “time to start”, “it would be good to write an article”, “you have to think about it”. No. I have achieved the mastery in making such “decisions”. I am exactly the type of person whose first step is to think deeply about the issue – think about different options and find a reason why it shouldn’t even start.

Maybe you know it, or maybe you make decisions on the spur of the moment. Regardless of which option applies to you, there usually comes a point where we look for a problem. Seriously, it’s worth noting. This would be my first step in getting started blogging. Usually, this is where every idea, motivation comes from, and generally speaking, most often at this stage we end our experiences with “making dreams come true”.

How much time take to learn?

It takes a few months for this discouraging part to affect us, some take a few months, the second takes the first step, and others never start.

My internal critic simply loves the following statement:

“If you’re going to do something wrong, you’d better not do it at all.”

You can guess – I’m one of those people who don’t start at all. And it was exactly the same in my story of how I started blogging. You can call it perfectionism or stupid, the thing is, you just have to learn to live with it.

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t write this

I didn’t start writing a “blog” but a “blog”. An even better statement would be that I started driving him. This is the place that seems to be just perfect for me to write a few words about myself. It is an integral part of my story about how I started writing a blog (or rather a “blog”).

I have been a copywriter by profession for two years. It is not a word that would describe myself, but no doubt my experience and education will have an impact on the way I write to you. As a copywriter.

I am aware that blogs do not magically appear on the front pages of browsers and Facebook boards. Although the idealistic part of me would like to believe that good texts will always excel, and stubbornness and regularity pay off, I will support myself (not always and in a very limited form) with knowledge of non fiction ghostwriting texts for online positioning.

In short – you have to experience the phrase “how I started writing a blog”, and even more such more or less eye-catching phrases, because that’s what people search for on the web.

Yes, it hurts me too

Perhaps someday I will write about creating SEO texts, i.e. how to make your blog appear on the first page in Google (then you will find the appropriate link here). However, my passion is ghostwriting and it’s about creating novels and short stories, you can read the most on this blog.

How did I start writing a blog?

Yes, like most changes in my life – slowly. This path consisted of many stages and many years:

  • First, there was a search under the title – how to start writing a blog,
  • Years where I read and listened to anything that could help me write better
  • There was a search for a leading topic and giving up on each of them,
  • Three failed blogging attempts
  • There was a struggle with the conviction “If you have to do something wrong, better not do it at all”,
  • Dozens of attempts to gather together,
  • New job and hours of professional writing as a copywriter,
  • There were (and still are) articles on the Life Architect blog,
  • Written 4 novels, a dozen started and never finished, several dozen, if not hundreds, sketches and dozens of written short stories,
  • There was a day when I dyed my hair blue and made the decision “right now, this is the beginning of a new one”.


There is a reason why the title of this article is: I dyed my hair blue, which is how I started writing a blog. Even if you are the type of person like me who has to think over and analyze everything hundreds of times, it’s worth remembering the trivial truth – one day you just have to make that decision, or it will never happen. For me, blue hair is the beginning of a new one. And starting a blog.


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