How to use cell Phone Accessories

From calling to gameplays, a smartphone provides us with a complete package of communication and entertainment. You can play media, access document files, capture photographs, and much more using a smartphone.Cell phone accessories allow a user to access all the smartphone features to the fullest. Smartphone brands manufacture premium quality accessories to fulfill the demands of their customers. However, people usually complaints that the gadgets stop working after a couple of weeks or are getting some bugs. They consider manufacturers as guilty for this. According to them, brands produce cheap quality products to reduce their expenses. Here the question arises, do people accurately use cell phone accessories? I will discuss the answer to this question in the blog post. For answering this question, I mentioned the 4 most common smartphone accessories and explained how these accessories should be used. I suggest you read the blog until the end for a better understanding.

  1. Wireless Earphones:

Wireless Earphones connect with your smartphones via Bluetooth and allows you to listen to media without any wire. All you have to do is pair your earphones with the smartphone and enjoy the music. Either you are using a neckband or TWS earbuds, they run on a compact lithium-ion battery. Neckbands can be charge through inbuilt USB ports, whereas TWS earbuds come with a dedicated charging case. Most of the people complain that these earbuds have a poor mic quality during the call. In actuality, the in-built mics of the earbuds are of premium quality. The problem here is not with earbuds, as the call quality depends on the cell phone network. You try troubleshooting the smartphone network for a better calling experience. Also, these earphones have lithium-ion batteries that are prone to die if you completely discharge the device. Do not let these earphones power off due to battery discharge for its long battery life.

  1. Power Banks:

Power Bank is a charging brick to a smartphone that is used to charge it multiple times. It comes with a reverse charging mechanism to charge another device through a charging cable. A power bank solves the problem of charging the smartphone in the places where there is no means to charge a smartphone. However, the power bank has a lithium-ion battery that also needs to be charged. I suggest you keep your power bank fully charged whenever you want to use it for the long term. Do not overcharge the power bank and remove the plug when the indicator is green. Always try to charge a single gadget at one time to get a better battery performance. Also, companies may claim that their power bank is waterproof, but it is your responsibility to protect it from water and dust.

  1. Smartwatch:

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are completely replacing traditional watches. These accessories allow its users to monitor his health credentials on his wrist. Also, you can read the notifications and access calls from a smartwatch. Smartwatches use Bluetooth connectivity to connect with your smartphone. Every company has its application to pair the watch with the smartphone. You have to download the same from the QR code provided in the user manual. After the download, the application will guide to pair the smartwatch using Bluetooth. Grant all the permissions that the application wants to access for a better pairing. Do not switch off the Bluetooth of the device to stay connected with the smartwatch. These kinds of accessories are easy to use. However, you have to keep your smartwatch charged and connected with your device for a better experience.

  1. Screen Protectors:

A Screen Protector is the most useful accessory for the safety of a smartphone’s display. It protects the screen from damages, scratches, smudges, etc. Well, I know there is a question in your mind that what is difficult in using a screen protector? The answer is the implementation of a screen protector on the smartphone. Most of the people face issues like air bubbles, cracks, etc. during implementation and thinks there is a problem in its quality. These protectors are made of glass that is prone to crack. So, they need to be handle gently. Before implementation, clean your smartphone’s screen with whips given in the box. Then remove the lamination from the screen protector and stick this to the screen gently. After that, remove the air bubbles with your thumb or an eraser and make sure there is no air bubble left on the screen. A screen protector can damage your screen if not implemented properly. So, I suggest you follow this procedure with the utmost caution.


As I discussed, smartphone technology allows us to perform various activities on a smartphone along with calling. No doubt, smartphones are fulfilling all the expectations of its users, but it lags in some fields. You cannot commence hands-free calls, monitor your health credentials, etc. while your phone is in your pocket. Here the smartphone accessories come into play. Accessories like smartwatches, wireless earphones, etc. allow you to access your smartphone without touching it. I mentioned the 4 most useful cell phone accessories and explained how to use them accurately. In this blog post, I covered all the problems that people face while using accessories. Make sure the product you are willing to purchase is manufactured by a reputed brand that provides you a warranty card. So, follow the guidelines mentioned above for a better user experience.

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