How to watch Apple TV + from anywhere

Streaming services came to change our forms of entertainment forever. And such is the case with Apple TV Plus, which is Apple’s new streaming platform, launched in early November 2019.

With the resounding success of these types of platforms, it is not surprising that this giant has also wanted to join. And he did, of course, in a big way. Nothing to go unnoticed. Super interesting content, varied and with elite casts, which will also grow as new exclusives are released.

Whether you want to buy Apple TV plus Worldwide or anywhere else, in this article we will teach you how to watch Apple TV + without content limits. And read on to find out if it’s possible to get Apple TV Plus for free!

What is the availability of Apple TV +?

If it has not been clear to you what Apple streaming is, it is a transmission platform launched by Apple so that its users can access entertainment audiovisual content, such as exclusive series and movies. The shows and movies are top-notch, with mind-blowing stories, masterful productions, flawless casts, and top performers like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Jason Momma, plus Oprah Winfrey with her talk show and more.

For moviegoers and series fans, good content is always necessary. And Apple TV +, which is a strong contender for Netflix, cannot be left out when it comes to home entertainment, to be enjoyed alone or with the family.

But what about the accessibility of Apple TV plus Worldwide? Well, Apple TV + streaming is available in many countries including Worldwide, but not all. And also, the content that you can view is restricted to your geographic location. So what if you live in a country that doesn’t have the service? Or if you must travel abroad? Should you forget about Apple TV plus Worldwide until you get home?

Not really. Using Apple TV VPN you solve all the problems that your location on the globe can cause you. With a real IP address of the country that suits you, you will overcome these obstacles in a very simple way. And the content on Apple TV Plus is certainly worth it.

Can I use Apple TV Plus for free?

Yes! You can enjoy Apple TV Plus free for a full year when you buy an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Mac or Apple TV. So if you had planned to replace an old device with a more modern one, you will get the great addition of having Apple TV Plus free for 12 months.

To get this free Apple TV Plus offer you must make the request from the Apple TV app within the next 3 months after purchasing the equipment. You should also know that the promotion is available only once per family.

Once this time is up, you can continue enjoying your Apple TV originals for a small price: just $ 4.99 per month. Considering all the content that will be available to you at any time, and also allowing the use of several simultaneous screens, the price is super low.

Watch Apple TV + with a VPN

Whether you want to enjoy your Apple TV plus Worldwide without restrictions or if you want to continue accessing without problems during your trips abroad, browsing from an Apple TV VPN is a great alternative. A Mac VPN will allow you to virtually change the geographic location of your browsing device. So it doesn’t matter how much travel or Apple TV + content is restricted in your area.

Yes. In order to enjoy your Apple TV plus Worldwide with the benefits of an Apple TV VPN, you need to configure the VPN from your router. This occurs by the very nature of the Apple TV + which is incompatible with the use of VPN directly from the computer or equipment.

To achieve this, you must check the firmware of your router. Search your web browser for this code: or Once you have done it, enter your user data. If you don’t have them handy or can’t remember, Google the default credentials for your router. Or if you have the manual handy, look it up there.

When you enter your username and password, check if the VPN connection can be configured. If the option does not appear, you have the possibility of replacing that firmware with an open code one that does allow the use of a VPN and that is compatible with your router. In this case, you just have to google to verify which ones are compatible with the model of your router. One that works very well is DD-WRT. But always remember to check the compatibility with your router.

The steps are simple, but if you find it too cumbersome, you have another alternative: purchase a pre-flashed router. Many of the recommended Apple TV VPN providers, like Fastest VPN, offer them.

The best VPN to watch Apple TV + streaming

Although there are many Apple TV VPN options, not all are as effective or as secure. Below, you will find a list of VPNs to watch Apple TV + which is your best guide to getting the best VPN provider, without setbacks or disappointments.


Why you shouldn’t use a free VPN to watch Apple TV +

To enjoy your Apple TV Plus free or paid, you want your favorite programming to play without interruption. Well, the free Apple TV VPNs perform poorly, with painful connection speeds. It is not worth having a streaming service of the Apple TV plus Worldwide category from any corner of the world, if you are going to have display problems as if it were a pirate site, and if its security is so low that you can be penalized.


For this reason, what better than having an Apple TV VPN that provides a quality service? In addition, as you will see below, a good VPN will offer you many other advantages outside of watching your Apple TV Plus.

Other benefits of a VPN

The advantages of a VPN go beyond being able to watch Apple TV plus Worldwide or any other country, without restriction and from any geographical region (with the only condition of having an Internet connection).

  • The providers that offer the best VPN services, as in the case of Apple TV + which is Fastest VPN, are also exceptional for any other browsing activity. Your Apple TV VPN will also offer you greater protection of your data by encrypting everything, minimizing the chances of hackers, who are always on the lookout to take advantage of standard browsing with many security gaps.
  • Using a VPN allows you to browse completely anonymously.
  • And, just as you can enjoy your Apple TV Plus for free or paid, you can also access any other georetricted site. You can, for example, watch the Italian League even if you are not in Italy, or watch WWE even if you are not in the United States.



If you are a fan of good movies and series, you will undoubtedly find this article useful to enjoy Apple TV Plus for free in any corner of the world. No matter where you travel for work or vacation, or if you reside in a country that doesn’t have the service, there is no excuse to miss out on Apple TV + which holds great promise for home entertainment.

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