iOS or Android? Why Is iPhone app Better Than Android?

The most competition in the technology world is experienced in the mobile world. This competition is between iOS developed by Apple and Android developed by Google. In fact, iOS Linux-based operating systems. At the same time, both operating systems work not only on mobile phones but also on tablets and computers. Both operating systems have different advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. Let’s begin to examine these advantages and disadvantages.

Privacy and Security:

All software companies can have problems due to high profile security bugs. Of course, protecting your privacy can be difficult as your device is connected to the internet every minute of the day. But when you compare Google and Apple in this regard, Apple is making serious efforts to keep your data private. Apple services, such as iMessage, iCloud and FaceTime use comprehensive encryption to protect the data coming to your device and on Apple servers. Google uses data that it can use for advertising work. Your data is stored and processed in order to give you a better purchasing experience. So if you care about your privacy, head to Apple.


It regularly provides software updates to iOS users. After these updates, 90% of iOS devices can use the latest version. In response, it makes updates for its users on Android. However, only 10% of the users can use the newest version of the updates made by Android. So if you want the latest updates to be on your phone, you should choose iOS.


iOS is an operating system that does not have problems, such as freezing because it does not allow access to all kinds of devices, and you will not encounter slowdowns no matter how many open applications. The fact that iOS apps created by any app development company California does not include the widget system also positively affects its performance. In fact, the operating system of Android is also working through the Linux kernel. Unlike iOS, Android can be accessed by many devices. Of course, this reduces its performance considerably.

Undoubtedly, it is not possible to take the leadership seat of speed from iOS. So if you care about the speed of your phone, your choice should definitely be iOS. Synchronization with Operating System and Other Devices

You may be using an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac. You can transfer all your data, application information, photos between devices very easily. Apart from that, you can continue your work with Handoff, which you started with your iPhone, with your Mac. However, all of these features do not seem possible for Android users without an internet connection. On iOS, even if you do not have an internet connection, you can easily transfer between devices via Airdrop.


You may think iOS isn’t ahead of storage. But iOS is ahead of Android in this regard. Let’s explain the reasons immediately. We can begin to explain with the fact that iOS has higher internal storage space than Android phones do. Secondly, the applications and all your data on your device are in the memory of your phone, making it easier for your device to operate. Since Android devices do not recognize the things in Micro SD as internal memory, it does not make much sense to insert a Micro SD card in your phone.


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