Look royal, feel royal with maheshwari silk sarees

Maheshwari Sarees: Legacy and Contemporary Importance

Maheshwari silk sarees or Maheshwari cotton sarees are way more than just another normal saree. India’s handloom traditions have many stories to tell, the one with Maheshwari sarees is clearly the most vibrant of all!

Various parts of the nation have their own techniques of personalizing the saree, such as using different types of silk, such as tussar silk, in addition to other materials available on the market, such as cotton, satin, georgette, and others. The final regal contemporary look that you style yourself with a Maheshwari saree, bears the years of experimentation by diverse craftspeople.

The ancient, yet the supreme!

There’s half a millennia worth of history behind why the Maheshwari saree makes you feel like a Queen! Maheshwar (the origin place of the Maheshwari Saree) was an important center of handloom weaving from the 5th century. The Maheshwari saree dates back to the 18th century when Queen Ahilyabai Holkar ruled the state.

Many traditions and myths about the queen claim that she brought in craftsmen from Malwa and Surat to design the first Maheshwari saree or Maheshwari silk sarees and have them make sarees for her family and royal guests. The Maheshwari saree made by the artisans eventually became highly famous in royal circles and spread across the kingdom. In fact, it is one of the most popular sarees in the domestic and international markets.

Woven royalty in Maheshwari Sarees

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

It is a time-consuming weaving procedure that makes a beautiful Maheshwari saree and is only done by master weavers. They employ a more delicate weaving procedure using hooks and an octagon-shaped cylindrical frame for silk thread warping. Read more about Beautiful printed traditional Ajrak blouse designs for sarees.

After weaving, the Maheshwari saree is colored with natural colors and embellished with kinari and zari, jewels, silver and gold threads, and other embellishments (Although, nowadays, copper-coated nylon wires are more prevalent than zari threads.) The result, though, is well worth the effort—a gorgeous piece of clothing that will last for years and years to come.

Sustain your glamorous Maheshwari Saree through proper care

A delicate Maheshwari Saree requires special care to keep it at its best. We know how much you love your sarees, so we wanted to make sure you had all of the information you needed about how to care for them!

  1. Do not machine-wash your saree. Hand-wash it with cold water and mild detergent, and then hang up to dry completely before folding and storing. Avoid using hot water as it may cause fabric shrinkage.
  2. Never iron the saree while it’s hanging—you’ll risk damaging its delicate fabric.
  3. Always store your Maheshwari sarees in an air-tight bag or container.
  4. When storing or wearing your Maheshwari saree, avoid heavy perfumes or sprays that may stain the fabric or cause discoloration over time.

The many faces of Maheshwari sarees

Maheshwari silk saree is lightweight and airy, with a high gloss finish. Although the original Maheshwari sarees were exclusively composed of silk, you may now find Maheshwari cotton sarees too. Find your favorite Maheshwari saree online to slay your traditional look.

With the delicate weaving techniques used in both the warp and the weft, it’s an incredible choice for many women all year – something you can’t get with other types of sarees.

The pallu is the most intriguing portion of this Maheshwari saree for its amazing hues. Maroon, magenta, mauve, green, and violet are examples of vivid colors used in Maheshwari Saree. They are also distinguished by their five stripes, which alternate between three colorful and two white stripes. The borders are also reversible, allowing the user to use them on either side.


Maheshwari saree (Maheshwari silk sarees or Maheshwari cotton sarees) is a delicate saree that is much sought after. It has seen several alterations since its inception in the 18th century to the saree we see today, yet it has maintained its appeal.

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