Manor weekend in Sweden: 10 stunning manors to visit

Why travel when you can spend the weekend in Sweden? Read on to gain ideas on where you may spend a fantastic mansion weekend surrounded by nature and various adventures.

Hennickehammar Cozy amid the deep woodlands of Värmland

Hennickehammar was built in 1722 and is still in operation today. It is nestled in the enchanted woodlands of Värmland, amid the dazzling Hemtjärn. Amid all the trees, the golden gorgeous manor home is like an oasis. The mansion provides a romance package that includes sparkling wine and your own time in the sophisticated relaxation room of the property. Alternatively, have a rowing excursion in the oak on the pond, go for a walk in the woods, or enjoy the tranquilly. The surroundings are spectacular, and the atmosphere and history captivate visitors. There is no need for you while your stomach is cooing.

Kerby Herrgrd  Magnificent panoramic view

May have A beautiful Herrgårdsweekend with panoramic views of Lake Fsjön right in the heart of Bergslagen. Kerby Herrgrd, erected somewhere in the 17th century, is ideal for recharging the batteries and the relationship. Take a ride in an echo on the lake, go mushroom picking in the woods, hire a bike, relax in the sauna, or get a fishing ticket and try your luck. Dinner at the restaurant is, of course, a highlight, with delicious seasonal food and the aforementioned panoramic view right in front of your eyes.

Cork up champagne from the seafloor at Dufweholm’s Manor.

Dufweholm is a tiny, snug, and romantic home outside Katrineholm near the confluence of Duveholmssjön and Forssjösjön. Dufweholm was voted “Manor Hotel of the Year” in 2015.

You may go for a walk around the gorgeous and quiet surroundings or enjoy a romantic time in the pavilion by the water. There is, of course, a nice spa and relaxation area. The champagne cellar is a one-of-a-kind feature on Dufweholm. After 80 years at sea, roughly 100 bottles were recovered from the ship’s wreckage “Jönköping.” The “Jönköping” went down in Finland in 1916 while on route to Russia with wine, brandy, and champagne. Read more about How to Choose Accessories for Travel Vlogging?

Schenströmska Herrgrden – Barbecue nights inspired by the southern United States

Schenströmska mansion, located near Ramnäs in beautiful Västmanland, was erected in the middle of the 18th century. The spirit of utility is present here. Ramnäs is a historic mill with an ironworks heritage. However, it is not only Swedish history that is being discussed today. Only a few years ago, the Schenström manor acquired new owners and, with them, new ideas. In the rustic stable structure, a new restaurant will debut in the summer of 2017. There will be BBQ evenings at the workplace inspired by the American south. What about smoked pork and sausages caramelized after being cooked at a low temperature for up to 18 hours? Doesn’t it sound delicious? When the food coma has subsided, and it is time to sleep, a lovely recovery awaits. Because of the mansion’s rich history, each room has its distinct personality. You can have the pleasure of a fireplace in the bedroom, a tiled stove, and so on.

Södertuna Castle – Peace near the metropolitan area

Södertuna is one of several castles and manors in Sörmland, a picturesque lake-filled region. And, of course, Södertuna is situated on an islet – in Frösjön. Södertuna has a long history dating back to the 14th century. If you reside in the capital region, Södertuna Castle is a short drive away, thanks to its proximity to Södertälje. As a guest, you may remain incredibly snug and cozy at the castle, and all rooms offer a view of the lake, the castle park, and the garden. It may be romantic in the leisure area, with a bar and a fireplace to cuddle up. It could be just great with a glass in front of the fireplace. Södertuna, in particular, may claim Sweden’s biggest collection of Armagnac, a sort of brandy.

Rums Herrgrd: Have fun as a movie star!

After a delicious meal, why not relax in the sauna or bathe in the outdoor hot tub? You may do just that in the cozy Ronnums Herrgrd, which is located by the river Göta älv between Vänersborg and Trollhättan. You may also unwind in the huge relaxation area, which features large windows with beautiful views. You dwell in beautifully oiled hardwood quarters with specially furnished rooms. Some of them even have a tiled stove. The mansion is stunning, with its yellow-painted wood paneling and a history dating back to the 14th century. If you’re lucky, you could get to stay in the same room as movie stars Nicole Kidman, Laureen Bacall, and Stellan Skarsgard, who stayed here while filming nearby.

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