Measures to avoid pedestrian accidents – Tips and advice from experts

While driving on road, the best way to minimize the chances of a pedestrian accident is by staying alert while driving on road. Once you follow the traffic rules and stay alert of the dangers that the vehicles pose, this lets you considerably reduce the chance of being a victim of pedestrian accidents. Make sure you keep eye contact with the drivers to ensure they can properly see you. 

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. These accidents usually occur due to reckless driving and stubborn pedestrians can cause them. This is why we have compiled a list of tips that you should remember to avoid pedestrian accidents. Before you seek the help of a Stockton personal injury attorney, here are a few precautionary steps to take. 

Precautionary steps for drivers

  • Slow down when you come near pedestrian areas

The pedestrian lanes are usually for pedestrians to safely crossroads. So, whenever you spot roadside signs or locate the zebra stripes, make sure you slow down. Once you slow down, you will get more time to react while stopping your vehicle. 

  • Be patient with the seniors and the handicapped

You have to be considerate with elder people as they take more time to cross the streets. Due to their age, their vision gets weaker and hence it is natural for them to not notice your car. The blind also needs more time and care. People who are differently-abled should be given extra time. 

  • Keep eye contact with the pedestrians

The majority of the time, a large number of pedestrians make eye contact to check if the drivers know whether or not they’re crossing the road. Being at the back of the wheel, you should also make contact with the pedestrians about who is moving first. This will let go of any confusion and avert accidents. 

  • Don’t drive when you’re under the influence of alcohol

If you have to keep yourself and your pedestrians safe, you should never drive when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When you’re exposed to such substances, this impairs your reaction time. Since pedestrians won’t have any idea of whether or not you’re under the influence, this might lead to an accident. 

Precautionary steps for the Pedestrians

  • In order to be safe, pedestrians need to only cross heavy traffic roads through the proper crossing area. 
  • There are several careless drivers who don’t focus while driving on the road. Some even drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Ensure that the traffic stops before you cross a junction.
  • Take a close look to check whether or not the cars have stopped after noticing you. 
  • Stay away from traffic as there are several instances where serious accidents occur when motorists halt their cars suddenly. This is why you should look intently before crossing a road. 

So, whether or not you’re a pedestrian or a driver on road, you should keep in mind all the above-listed advice and recommendations. 

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