Money Transfer: Comparison of the Best Services for 2021

Need to send cash to your loved ones? The money transfer is your best solution, regardless of where the recipient is located. Thanks to developments in new technologies, this type of operation is both faster and more secure. We have analysed the most popular offers of the moment to send money to bring you the most interesting of them. Thus, this guide traces the 10 best money transfer services in terms of costs, reliability or speed of operations. We also give you practical tips to make the right choice.

What is a money transfer?

Money transfer is a way to send cash to someone in another city or abroad. It usually comes in the form of electronic funds transfer. The beneficiary receives the sum directly on his mobile, his debit / credit card or his bank account.

However, some companies offer to deliver the money to the recipient’s home. It also happens that the latter must go to a withdrawal point to collect the money. Finally, it should be noted that this operation is generally available worldwide for the largest brands. However, it is always important to check with the establishment of your choice to find out its coverage area.

How to make a money transfer?

As we said above, you can go through the bank, the post office or specialized organizations for international money transfers. Here are more details about it.

Bank Transfer

The bank transfer is one of the most secure to send money overseas means. The operation is generally possible worldwide and between two different establishments. However, we recommend that you find out about the countries and institutions available before you start.


Sending money online through the bank is normally completely free. The transfer in branch or by phone is on the other hand subject to fees, the amount of which is variable. They are generally free when transfer is done through the same back, but may charge a fee for other banks.

Transfer speed

The money is available in the beneficiary’s account between 1 to 2 working days after the validation of the transfer. This period may however change from one establishment to another, because no regulatory limit is imposed by law. Note, however, that delays can occur for various reasons, but you will be notified as soon as possible. But thanks to internet the process is getting faster and more streamlined.


  • Free money transfer with no fees online
  • Good way to send securely
  • Operation possible worldwide


  • High fees for international transfers
  • Duration of transfer

How to make a money transfer via the bank?

For an Internet money transfer, the procedures vary depending on the online banks. We recommend that you go to the official website of your establishment and follow the steps indicated. You can also contact an advisor directly. However, here are the steps to follow for transfers to branches:

  • Go to your bank branch.
  • Complete the transfer slip by providing: your account number, information on the account to be credited, date of the transfer, identification of the transfer.
  • Then drop that off at the checkout. You normally receive a receipt.

Money transfer services

Finally, you can opt for specialized online money transfer services such as Azimo, MoneyGram or TransferWise. They give you the ability to send money anywhere in the world from your computer, depending on their coverage area.


The fees vary considerably from one establishment to another. It would therefore be inappropriate to give an average estimate. However, the total tariffs generally represent the sum of:

  • Shipping costs: often free
  • Transfer fees: sometimes free too
  • Exchange rate: usually higher than that used by the bank especially if the company does not charge transfer fees
  • Receipt fee: paid by the recipient upon receipt of the money

Transfer speed

The speed of the transfer depends mainly on the sending method that you select if you opt for a specialized company. It varies from a few seconds to 5 days (only if you choose the bank transfer).


  • Several choices compared to transfer companies
  • Faster transfer
  • Lower costs
  • Wider coverage area
  • Online transaction


  • Sometimes increased exchange rate

These advantages clearly show that specialized services are the best choice for sending money abroad. They help you save more money, but also time. So, this is the reason why our guide will focus exclusively on these companies. In the following section, we present our comparative money transfer via specialized companies.

The Best Money Transfer Services in 2021

So which company offers the best services for sending money to your loved ones? Is it better to go for those that have been on the market for a long time like Western Union or MoneyGram or for the more recent ones like Azimo or World Remit? Discover the 10 brands to promote. At the top 1, we find precisely Azimo.

  1. Azimo: 90% savings on money transfer fees
  2. World Remit: Considerably cheaper than the banks
  3. PayPal: Transfer up to $ 60,000
  4. MoneyGram: A company with 80 years of experience in the field of money transfer
  5. Western Union: A free simulator to calculate transfer fees
  6. TransferWise: transfers cheaper than at the any bank
  7. World First: Transfers 24/7 and amounts over 5 million euros
  8. PayTop: Transfer money and buy currencies online
  9. Spay India: Best when transferring to India
  10. Remitly: Have your money delivered to your home

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