Online Games to Get Hooked Up During the Lockdown

Online games have their charm, and there has not been a single dull time for the legit gamers during this lockdown. Regardless, it has been almost a year since we’ve been limited to staying at home. Maintaining social distance due to the Covid-19 pandemic is not easy on anyone. This has lead every gamer or non-gamer to find the right games to be hooked on to.

Thanks to all the games that have abetted us release our stress over this span of quarantine time. But now is the time you try a few new and exciting games that will captivate you and let you have a great time during the lockdown.

Here are some pretty mesmerizing games that are ranging from casual playoffs to highly competitive ones. You can take a pick or even try them all since we have all the time in our hands.

Have a look!

1.    PUBG

If you have not heard about BUBG yet, then you are definitely living under a rock, or you have zero interest in FPS gaming. However, if you are already familiar with it, then you know it is the perfect game to get yourself hooked up in this lockdown. It doesn’t leave people on ordinary days and is considered to be incredibly engaging.

The best bit about this game is that it is an online multiplayer battle royale game that allows you to coordinate with your teammates virtually in real-time. Therefore, you don’t have to cancel your game night; just transfer it to the virtual play this lockdown. Read more about

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2.   PES- Pro Evolution Soccer

If you are not into fighting games or want to go easy on your schedule, you can always try some soccer games. In this case, PES can be a perfect choice because if you also happen to be a massive football fan, then you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to play the best soccer game of all time.

You don’t have to call your friends into your house all the time in this lockdown period since it is not safe. But you can always have a great time while paly an online match that gives you the thrill to enjoy console football in a safe zone, away from the threats of coronavirus.

3.    World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

If soccer doesn’t interest you, then you can undoubtedly try the legendary World Cricket Championship 2. Many residents of the US have backgrounds in commonwealth countries where cricket is popular. Whether you are interested in paying test series, T20, or having a zest for live tournaments, it is all up to you. It is irrelevant whether you are an amateur or don’t know how to play this fantastic game.

This one is specially designed to cater to and understand all the players’ levels, from beginners to experts. It even has a practice mode that helps you come in the form with the given 65 batting shots. It can be a big help for you to get through this lockdown without losing it!

4.    Asphalt 9 Legends

If you are a racing enthusiast, what better way to spend the lockdown playing Asphalt 9 Legends than to bind yourself in ordinary games. This is the next level high-octane racing game that will keep you on your toes all day long. And you can also get mesmerized with its beautiful and HD visual graphics that make it better than any other game out there.

If you love taking down your competition at a fast and smooth pace, then this is it! You have to avail the intuitive controls of this game, have fun with the high-quality audio design, and you are good to go!

5.    Call of Duty

If you are interested in making your lockdown more exciting and thrilling, then this game is the one that you must try at least once. Moreover, if you are done playing PUBG, it can be a good transition for you to try a different battle royale game.

The Call of Duty is specially designed for mobile phone users who are excited about playing strategy-based games that lead them to the competitive zone and make them win the price against their friends. It has various rank modes that allow you to experience fighting in different types of war zones. It includes 100 player battleground, zombie action, 5v5 team Deathmatch, sniper vs. sniper battle, anything you can wish for!

6.    Monopoly

Board games never disappoint! Mostly when you and your family are stuck in the home for more than 6 months, it is high time that you take boon of this opportunity to bond with them more. Plus, game such as Monopoly only makes your time more joyful. This particular version of Monopoly is an online fast-tracking property dealing game that will hook you up for an extended period. You can play it with your family and friends and don’t even have to bring out the dusty board game somewhere inside your storeroom.
The Bottom Line

Online games are always a treat to have when you find a way to get your head in something that can brighten up your mood. And who doesn’t what to have a great time during this lockdown? Other than this, it would be best if you kept in mind that to play online games, you must have a stable internet connection.

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