Outdoor projector enclosures

Nowadays, projectors are used almost everywhere, including outdoors, which means they are used in some of the harshest conditions on earth. VIZBOX outdoor projector enclosures protect your projector from overheating and damage such as cigarette smoke, extreme heat or cold, rain, snow, sleet, dust and moisture.

VIZBOX outdoor projector housings are specially designed to clean cool and filter incoming air before it reaches the projector. Additionally, each case features a watertight liner and other components to ensure proper operation in all weather conditions. If your project is more traditional in nature, have a look at VIZBOX selection of outdoor projector enclosures to see which one is ideal for you.

Concerns about safety

The projector’s watertight enclosure and exterior protective enclosure are designed to resist high temperatures while offering weather protection and protection from the elements. As is customary, it has cool heating systems and intelligent temperature control. This waterproof projector enclosure is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Rain-Rain has the potential to irreversibly damage your projector. Even mild fog has the potential to inflict damage.

Dirt and Dust-The ventilation holes on the projectors may enable dirt and dust particles to enter. Ensure that the projector is protected from all tiny particles.

Ventilation – To minimise overheating, projectors require ventilation. Avoid obstructing cooling fans or enclosing the projector in an airtight enclosure.

Extremes of temperature-If your climate is too hot or excessively cold, external factors might harm the projector. Avoid using it in cold or extremely hot conditions.

Theft-expensive tools left outside are susceptible to theft. Avoid leaving the projector unattended.

Case for projector that is completely waterproof

  • Prevent the projector from becoming too hot
  • System of intelligent cooling and filtration
  • Enables the projector to be safely positioned in difficult locations
  • Enclosure for outdoor projectors suitable for any environment
  • Windows that are 99 percent safe and provide UV protection
  • Projector channel access panel with hinged door
  • Lock for security

The projector enclosure protects your projector and extends its life! Protecting your projector with a watertight cover extends the life of your equipment and greatly reduces maintenance expenses. Its purpose is to protect your projector from harmful factors such as dirt, smoke, extreme heat or cold, and moisture. Each housing creates a regulated environment that lowers the total working temperature, increasing bulb life and minimising the danger of damaging electrical components.

We can design your projector enclosure to match your unique demands and specifications, including meeting the most severe water and dust resistant standards. We manufacture projector housings for use in a variety of situations, including indoor, outdoor, industrial, commercial, residential, food and beverage, and a variety of other specialised environments. Simultaneously, standard refrigeration and air conditioning, remote monitoring, interior heating, and other services may be selected based on the conditions of usage.

Outdoor Projector Enclosures Have Numerous Advantages

Projector for outdoor use Because enclosure housings are waterproof, they may be left unused throughout the year. They are outfitted with specialised heating and cooling systems capable of operating at high temperatures. From sub-zero to boiling to 145 degrees Fahrenheit! These units include specific filters on the air intake to keep hazardous dust and debris out of the housing. Additionally, protect the projector from insects and pests.

Control of the projector

The remote control solution will power cycle any projector connected to the internet using RS232 codes.

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