Planning a Gift Package – A Helpful Packaging Guide

Gifts are some of the best ways to uplift the mood of any person. These can be food items like chocolates or cosmetic products in the form of Lipstick Boxes. But giving a gift is one thing and making it special is another thing altogether. If you are planning to give a gift to someone you adore, then it is the perfect article for you. Here you will learn about the tips and tricks that you need to apply to surprise them. Some of these tips will be regarding finishing methods and red below to learn others.

Printing options

Nowadays, for most gifting purposes, the most common materials being used are cardboard and Kraft. It is mostly because of their durability and printable surface. Printing can be the best tool to uplift the appearance of any product. This printing can be related to the occasion on which you are gifting them on. For example, if you are gifting them on their birthday, then the illustrations or typography will be related to that occasion. Similarly, if it is a Christmas-themed gift, then you can use the colors red and white to hint at that occasion. If not colors, then you can use Christmas-related catchphrases to catch the attention of the recipient. There are many options when it comes to printing designs. All you have to do is make sure that these designs are according to the liking of the person you are gifting them.

Shape and customizations

As the materials used in the maxing of these gift boxes are flexible. It results in them being bent into any attractive shape. It is why you can see a lot of options available in the market for gift packages. Some common options are pillow packages, shoulder boxes, luxury sleeve packaging, pyramid-styled boxes, and many more. Once again, it depends on you and the person who you are gifting them to pick up the perfect shape. Other than shapes, with the help of some customizations, the appearance can be enhanced too. One of the most common ways to customize any packaging is by adding a die-cut window to it. It helps with an exhibition of what is packed inside the box. It can sometimes be a good option to present your loved one with the gift that they were hoping for.

Finishing techniques

Finishing in gift packaging is just as important as the gift that is packed inside the box. With the help of these techniques, the appearance of packaging can be lifted instantly. These finishing options can be in the form of lamination. Gloss, matte, and spot UV are the basic lamination options available. Apart from these, you can also go for gold or silver foiling to make it look more premium. One other thing that is included in finishing is the ribbons that can be used for a beautiful closure.

Personalized touches

Nothing makes a gift more attractive than personalized touches. The basic goal of this is to make the other person feel like the gift was made for them. It can be done with printing and your creativity. For example, if you plan on giving it to your daughter on her birthday. Then you can print images of when she was just a baby and how much she has grown up. It will create a personal effect, and that can be a gift on its own. You can mention important dates or events on the box. Or you can print about the memories that are common between you. It will make sure that your gift is turned into a memory of its own.

The unboxing experience

After all the hard work that you put in to make the lipstick boxes beautiful from the outside. Now is the time to work on the insides too. The perfect gift is not the one that is beautiful on the outside only. It is the one that carries that outer experience inside too. For this purpose, you have two options. One is to decorate the insides with the help of printing and display special messages for the person. The other option would be to use custom inserts to help with a better presentation of the gift. You can color them in contrast with the color of the box. You also have the option to add personalized postcards inside for them to carry lovely messages. The limit to creativity in making the perfect impression through your gifts is virtually infinite.

If you have read all the helpful pointers given above. Then you would know how you can turn something as simple as lipstick boxes into perfect gifts. These techniques will help you in making the perfect impression on them with your gift. Show them your creativity and make this event memorable for them. If you are not sure about designing it yourself, then contact a designer to get started!

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