Popular Challenges of Studying Overseas

Although studying abroad is an unprecedented opportunity to explore the world, learn to see yourself and others from a different perspective, make lifelong friendships and improve your career prospects, it’s worth remembering that the process isn’t all bed of roses. What are the most popular challenges of studying overseas and how to face them?

5 most popular challenges of studying abroad

1.   Being an outsider 24/7

After some time you’ll probably make friends and get used to a new situation. However, it’s worth remembering that at the very beginning of your international adventure you may feel like a foreigner and outsider 24/7. Depending on the culture of the country you go to, these feelings may be more or less intense. Therefore, it’s important to stay open-minded and look for opportunities to meet people who think similarly to you.

2.   Having language issues

Even if you speak a given language fluently, you may have problems with overcoming the barrier, especially if you haven’t had any contact with native speakers before. Remember that “to err is human” – everybody makes mistakes. Don’t be embarrassed of your accent or vocabulary. Being able to communicate in a foreign language is a huge privilege.

3.   Counting money

Sounds funny? Well, if you study overseas in a country that uses completely different currencies, you may need some time to get used to the way banknotes and coins look.


At this point, it’s also worth mentioning that comparing prices in your homeland and in the country you study in isn’t the best idea – after all, these may be completely different worlds.

4.   Being alone

Although you’ll certainly meet wonderful people when studying overseas, they’ll never make up for your closest friends and family members. International education is a huge challenge because you have to be self-sufficient and responsible. After all, your loved ones are far away from you and aren’t able to help you whenever needed.

5.   Facing up the culture

If you apply to a university in a country whose culture is completely diverse from yours, you need to be ready for certain misunderstandings and discrepancies that will make your life difficult at the very beginning. Therefore, it’s worth doing thorough research to get the picture of the culture, habits, customs or unacceptable behaviors.

Challenges of studying overseas – the takeaway

Studying overseas is an unforgettable experience that can bring numerous benefits to your life. Taking the bull by the horns and learning about potential challenges is a great way to prepare yourself for international studies.

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