10+ Quirkiest Copywriting Examples to Spark Your Creativity

Copywriting is one of the most difficult art out there. Unlike essay writers or bloggers who get to write as much as they want. A copywriter’s life is measured with a stringent use of words. The fewer the words used to convey a message successfully, the more credit you get. However, things can get repetitive, leading to a creative block or burnout. Even the best copywriters falter when they do not feel inspired. Do you know what they do to get out of the rut? They use a ‘swipe file’ with a collection of snazzy copywriting examples to ignite their creative spark.

If you are running out of ideas for the project in hand. I have put together 12 of the best examples of good copywriting to learn from.

Whether it’s a blog post, webpage content, or a social media campaign. Refer to these examples to write compelling and traffic-worthy content in no time. Here you go!

  1. The Ad Copy by the U.S. School of Music

U.S. School of Music is here to remind you that copywriting isn’t a 21st-century thing.

Published almost a century back in 1927, this ad copy showed how a few simple words can tell a story effortlessly and became a timeless landmark in the history of copywriting.

Written by John Caples, the sentence “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano – But When I Started to Play!” used a cliffhanger in the headline to market the lessons provided by the music school. The call to action was also enticing enough for the reader to want to learn more about the rest of the story. Most importantly, the sentence tapped into human emotions with the storytelling technique.

  1. “Play for the World” by Nike

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, several renowned brands took the mantle to spread awareness. One such brand was Nike that launched the Play for the World advertisement in April 2020 to encourage people to stay home.

As a sportswear and equipment brand, this ad by Nike was like a smooth swerve to connect with the desires of people who want to be fit. The brand stressed the importance of social distancing by saying that staying at home is equal to “playing for the world”. This ad is a compassionate example of appealing to the audience’s values.

  1. The webpage content for Recycling Revolution by Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks contributes to making this world a better place to live in by using recycled material for packaging. The webpage content for the Recycling Revolution initiative used succinct ideas to show their approach to plastic bottles, covering the past, present, and future of the process. The example is living proof of how a header and handful of words can be used to define a brand’s mission.

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  1. Old Spice’s Website Home Page

Old Spice is known for its flair for humor, and the website’s homepage is proof of that. The brand shows how website content does not always have to be boring and bland and how!

The brand does not merely write paragraphs to fill the space of webpage layouts. Kudos to the creative team of copy essay writers for using every word to get a message across while making it so much fun! Old Spice steps on the tightrope of uber-masculinity and walks on it unfazed with the statement “Buy a manly amount and save money” to talk about the discounts in store for customers. The call to action tells you to get more of “good smellingness”. Learn to use tongue-in-cheek humor to express your message from this example.

  1. Campaign Monitor’s Email Campaign

“Just Because You Missed It…”  – Yes! That is how Campaign Monitor uses the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor to include potential customers who could not make it to the brand events.

What makes the brand stand out is how it used the email campaign to hit two birds with the same stone. The brand made consumers feel included while encouraging future attendance. They shared with the readers the resources relevant to the topics they have missed at the event. This campaign is the perfect example of giving your audience a taste of what you have to offer and make them want more of your brand.

  1. The Bronco Preview Instagram Post by Ford Motor

Instagram is a hotbed for digital marketing, and Ford Motor showed how to tap into the potential of an Instagram-worthy post to attract millions. When Ford introduced a new generation of its classic SUV model Bronco in July 2020, the brand crafted an Instagram post for its release. Take a look at the post here.

The takeaways from this exemplary social media post are the use of succinct language and a unifying message with just a few words – “Three’s a family”. Bloggers and essay writers can also learn how to keep the content social, short, and sweet to complement strong visuals.

  1. The “Showhole” T.V. Ad by Amazon

Amazon came up with the “Showhole” ad campaign to promote Amazon Fire T.V. on television by coining the word ‘showhole’. The word was defined as the emptiness we feel when we finish watching a T.V. show.

What made the “Showhole” campaign stand out was how the brand put a word to a feeling we all felt but could not define. Adding a new word to your customer’s lexicon is a big thing since the word becomes synonymous with your brand’s impression. Also, this is an excellent example for bloggers and essay writers for creating evergreen copywriting content. Even after three years from when the ad was televised, you can still see the hashtag #showhole on Twitter to describe the post-bingeing feeling.

  1. The “Life or Death” Digital Ad by Translators Without Borders

When we say grabbing an opportunity, Translators Without Borders teaches you how to do it. The spread of misinformation and manipulated data was on the rage during the pandemic – a time when incorrect data and rumors could claim lives. That is when TWB came up with a series of web  ads to demonstrate the importance of accurate translation during a health crisis.

The brand twisted the adage of “show, don’t tell” in the best way possible. The animated ads first talked about the confusion with similar words in different languages. Following this, the brand gave us a sneak peek of translations related to COVID-19 in lesser-known languages, like Bangla, Mandara, etc., to show the organization’s capabilities.

  1. Apple’s Create Print Ad

Trust Apple to be the gamechanger! When Steve Jobs returned to the company as its CEO in 1997, the brand went through an advertising makeover. The brand used a single sentence in a print ad. The sentence “You are not here to do what has already been done” placed right above a picture of the Create button of the Mac OS ushered in minimalism in the advertising world.

What made the ad copy even more powerful was the simplistic approach that inspired the readers to create. The ad let the Mac OS interface speak for itself and provided a new perspective on their O.S. Learn how to showcase your product’s features as benefits like Apple did with a single button and a cursor.

  1. The Pample mousse Right Meow Instagram Post by LaCroix

You know those certain things that make you go ‘Awwwwww’? This charming caption to an Instagram post by LaCroix is all things “kawaii” and cutesy. The best part about the caption was how it complemented its furry star.

While Instagram may be a platform fit for visuals. A caption can give it an extra edge and help you sell the product featured in the image. That is just what LaCroix did by sharing a picture with their product from another account. Used a pun and some cute emoticons without making it cringe. At present, copywriting is all about playfulness, which can be a walk on the tightrope. LaCroix teaches you how to use puns that are compatible with your audience and relevant to your subject matter.

  1. The “Life’s a Pitch” Facebook Post by Threadless

Thread less is a brand that deals in apparel, accessories, and decor designed according to communities. The brand took to Facebook with its post using three cheeky words. “Life’s a Pitch” to highlight one of those community-made designs.

Most brands tend to go wordy in Facebook posts since there is no limitation of characters or words. But Thread less teaches you how to walk on the less-traveled road and still be a success. The brand uses a touch of wordplay to market and showcase a creative product. The campaign is also a fine example of how content focused on what makes a product successful can bring in the leads.


Copywriting isn’t about writing verbose content and defining every term. The charm of copywriting can be unleashed using the simplest and fewest words if you know how to do it right. With these snazzy examples of copywriting to inspire your creativity. Get ready to bring on your A-game for your next project. Use the creative spark and put these examples to use to essay writer to write content that is memorable, quirky, yet informative enough.

Best of luck with your next project!

Author Bio: Clara Smith is a digital marketer and ad copywriter from California, the U.S. Currently, she heads the digital marketing department for the academic brand Clara also loves to travel and is an online travel

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