Root Domain vs Subdomain: Which Is Better for Ecommerce SEO?

Are you willing to start an eCommerce website, but you are confused about the root domain vs. subdomain? You should use a root domain or subdomain for better SEO results? Well, many opinions are there if you ask for an SEO company.

Digital marketing companies will suggest a lot of things for you. But if you are not starting any eCommerce company and you have your own SEO company then it matters for you? Yes, you may get eCommerce clients in the future. Those clients will ask you which domain is good for them to get better at search engine optimization.

So if you are not sure what suggestion or recommendation you have to give to your eCommerce client. Then here you are in the right place. Here we will tell you what to do in such a situation.

Many websites make mistakes while choosing the root domain vs. subdomain. And with a single mistake, they can lose their organic traffic. No SEO company can save your organic traffic if you are making the wrong decision. So what is the right decision? Let’s go ahead with this post to know more.

Root Domain For Ecommerce SEO

Let’s start with the root domain, is it good for eCommerce SEO? Most of the articles you will read on this topic will say yes. There are many reasons why they are saying yes to the root domain. It is not important to know why they are doing so. But What makes it good for search engine optimization is more important, so let’s find it out.

Why Choose Root Domain?

Following are some reasons why an eCommerce website should use a root domain.

If You Have Establishment Already

If you are a blog with good organic traffic and now you are turning your blog into eCommerce, then it is good to use a root domain. Because you need to utilize the already established site traffic.

You Have One Niche Of Products

If your eCommerce website is just about the products from one niche then the root domain is good. Please pay attention, we are not talking about the product categories. An SEO company can help you know what it means.

If You Need Easy Marketing

Marketing your website will be easy if you have everything on one root domain.

Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons both with every single thing. The same thing happens when it comes to the root domain and there are some pros and cons also.


The best thing about the root domain is that it will be easy for an SEO company to rank your website organically. The other benefit you will get is that all the analytics of your website will be under one roof.


The other side of a root domain is that multiple branding becomes difficult sometimes. Because you have the same domain, you have to do things for a single brand. And if you want to target different regions, it becomes difficult also.

Subdomain For Ecommerce SEO

Now the next hero of our post is a subdomain. But you will rarely find an SEO company talking positive things about subdomain. Let’s find out what the world says, and what it is actually.

Why Choose a Subdomain?

Many top eCommerce websites are using subdomains to sell products. If the subdomain is bad for SEO then how are they doing it? So the following are some reasons why you should choose a subdomain.

Variety Of Products

If you have different niches in products, then it becomes important to use a subdomain.

Need To Market At Different Locations

Regional, country-level and global marketing become easy with subdomains. If you are focusing on such dimensions then use a subdomain for your eCommerce website.

Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons to using subdomains. Check out the major ones.


New branding becomes easy with a subdomain, you can target different and new keywords, you can target a whole new audience. Not only this but you can develop a structure different from the root domain.


SEO services can help you here in understanding a certain disadvantage of the subdomain. Many SEO companies have mentioned that when it comes to using a subdomain for eCommerce sites, the most annoying one is that there are always difficulties while ranking subdomains through SEO. However inbound links to the root domain can help sometimes.

Using a root domain or a sub-domain totally depends upon your e-commerce store requirement. First, you need to perform a deep analysis of both technical aspects and branding aspects for reaching a conclusion. If you already have a website that is ranking well, in that case, having a subdomain will help in driving traffic. On the other hand, if you want to establish a completely different identity, then a new root domain will fit the best for this purpose.

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