Ensure safety of personnel & ease of work with well designed suspended personnel platform

A construction site needs such equipments and lifting machines that can perform the necessary works easily. There is lifting of materials from ground to the place of construction which may be in operation at different stories.  Movement of materials, tools and personnel can be difficult from one section to the upper section. At this point it requires perfect equipments or a platform that can lift the personnel from part of the construction to the other part. The complete designing and supply of such platforms are done by certified Suspended platform manufacturer who adhere to the international standard in preparing the suspended platforms. They have a strong and technical team that handle each and every step involved in manufacturing of such platform to ensure that best quality products are supplied.

The safety requirements

Since these platforms handle the personnel, therefore it is very important to keep a check regular on the safety requirements that are required to be followed. It should be handled careful by following below mentioned steps:

  • By having controlled load lowering
  • By brake application
  • To keep the platform in suspended position for more than five minutes
  • Evenly distribution of the load on the platform
  • Use of hand signals and radio communication shall be well understood by the personnel
  • Proof testing shall be done on regular intervals
  • It should have guard rails around and locking gate to prevent any kind of accident and injury to the workers.
  • It should indicate the required permitted load of people

Before application of such personnel platform it is must to check the safety requirements at the place of work. Unless there is safer and conventional means, the use of platform shall be prohibited. In case the uses of other equipments are more hazardous, then personnel platform should be good with the use of crane.When there is need to check such high safety measures for a platform, it is must that it should be designed and constructed with precision and quality requirements. It must be designed by the certified and tested manufacturers. They must design and manufacture the platform taking into the following consideration:

  • The required weight and load; It should be rated and the maximum load shall be mentioned
  • Smooth ground to prevent injuries to the employees
  • Having a system that can control the rate of speed of hoist

These manufacturers even provide services in case the platform requires welding and repairs. Regular test and maintenance is providing to make sure there is no room for any accident or injury. They even appoint an engineer or an expert who is well acquainted with the working of the platforms. The responsibility of such person is to inspect the platform, crane and rigging before the same is put in use and even after its usage.  While supplying such personnel platform, the manufacturers provide instruction manuals and videos for safety measures so that the users can easily understand the working of the platform. Suspended personnel platform is regarded the best equipment for lifting the workers and other persons at the place of work. These platforms are used for performing various works at heights. The various works are painting, constructions, installation of glasses and other allied works. These platforms are having great utility for various sectors such as construction, mining and industrial.


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