How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media

Do you know that creating video content is easier than writing a blog post? With a four times increase in time spent by people watching videos, you must contemplate this venture too. Video marketing is now the trend, with delectable videos going viral on social media. The best part is, making short videos of 15 seconds grabs more attention. Facebook recommends the same too. With the excellent video editor software available right now, the task is pretty simple too. This article will give a clear overview of creating short videos that grab the audience’s attention.

Top Aspects to Consider While Creating Short Engaging Videos

For people who think creating videos is a daunting task, this column will make you think otherwise.

Search for Ideas

It is the primary step you must take to create highly engaging videos. If you write blog posts or have the habit of reading the blogs, check for the most trending content in recent times. You can check Google Analytics to know which blog post of yours is a major hit. That will be the trending topic you must use to create a video.

There are possibilities that your blog posts are even shared. Look out for the one that is most shared as well. That means that many people like your content, and that is the topic you must take in hand.

Further, watch the social media videos made by other creators. Look out for the content used by them. Follow the videos and content created by top brands. Such are the ideas you must pick up. List down and prioritize the one that tops the table. Take that as the core theme for your video. Read more about excellent video editor software.

Use Key Tactics to Make Engaging Short videos

  1. Core or the Theme:

Though you have filtered out the core theme from the ideas generated, you must be clear about the theme for the video. Firstly, write down the themes. Select the most striking one. Ask yourself the following question. What is the important message you are planning to deliver through the video? You must be ready with the theme, and it is recommended to keep it simple as well. Read more about 7 Ways to Expand Your Animation Channel on YouTube.

  1. Early Attention:

 If you have the habit of watching videos on social media platforms, you will notice that the videos are auto-played. That means the first few seconds of your short video must be eclectic. It must grab the attention of the audience. It will help you get more scrolls, likes, comments as well as shares. Read more about capcut mod apk for best video editing.

If you want to win the audience’s attention, the first 3 to 4 seconds are going to be critical. You can incorporate the brand message or the message from the video as a suspense point to start the video.

  1. Let the Message Be Simple:

You certainly do not need a complex idea or a message for your video. Could you keep it simple? You can also keep the message that is already known to the audience. It is not the message most of the time, but the video content plays a vital role.

  1. Design to Suit Variations:

of the audience watches a video without the sound. So, I aspire to create videos with mute mode too. That means to say, even if the video has no sound, it must deliver the message that you intend to. As such, the videos are mostly watched through mobile phones. There are a lot of instances where the user may not turn on the sound.

Moreover, the screen size of the video must suit the handheld too. Attempt to tell the story visually with texts as well. One more statistic says, more than 80% of Facebook users watch videos in mute mode.

  1. Size of the Video:

You must know this technical aspect. The square or the vertical video takes up more screen size than the landscape ones. Imagine the phones are held vertically, and the videos in the landscape mode suit the best. The average engagement of the videos is higher for the landscape ones than the square types.

  1. Learn to Record the Video

Having understood the background of creating highly attention-seeking short videos, this column is of paramount importance. It is the actual action part of the execution process. The best part is, the   helps you to create delectable videos using your smartphone as well. You need to make a few clicks to have an incredible output.

  • Smartphones: Do not spend too much on video capturing equipment. It is available in your pocket. Your smartphone can record high-definition videos. The audio and visual quality is impeccable. There are many mobile video editing software available as mobile apps too. So, use your smartphones to record videos.
  • Use a tripod: Videos with stable visuals make your life easy while editing. Use a tripod to hold the steady cellphone while recording the video. The affordable tripods are available in the market, and you can purchase one. Also, it works out a lot cheaper than an expensive camera.
  • Opt for a Quiet Location: As you use your smartphone, talking into the microphone becomes inevitable. It is also recommended to choose a place that is calm so that you can avoid external disturbances. Further, there are microphones available that you can connect to your phone.
  • Lighting: Experts suggest using natural light for the videos. Also, if any lamps are used in the process, ensure that you face the lamp while recording the video. It will spread the light evenly across the face too.
  • Background: Make the background of the video simple. A black background is more than sufficient to make a quick and attention-seeking video. Also, a plain background will keep your audience focused on the video content. A distraction from your video content can prove detrimental to the task you have carried out.


Creating short, engaging videos is the need of the day.  So, keep these simple tricks in mind and improve your brand awareness and sales.

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