Should We Seek Ways to Control the Brain With Technologies?

Have you ever considered the initial title? What would be your answer? In my opinion, this is a different matter. Could you read my full article to find out?

First of all, I believe that healthy children, babies, and adults should grow naturally. They want to create ideas, experiences, and mindsets, which will increase the synaptic connections in their brains, and they will use wisdom and knowledge naturally.

If their brains are bombarded with technology to control them, it can have the opposite effect, causing them to speak and act in unexpected and inappropriate ways. They can grow taller and taller. Before the use of technology, their brains worked fine. Therefore, these facts should be kept in mind, and further investigation is needed.

On the other hand, a history of mental illness and disturbing childhood can force the brain to use brain technology to connect healthily and properly to give up their criminal activities and become more rational. ۔ Start thinking wisely. . It would be nice if people in this category could connect their brains correctly with the help of technology. Naturally, more research is needed in this area.

Another type of person who can benefit from controlling their brains through technology are children and adults with mental retardation. If technology can help them improve their mental health and improve their mental stiffness a little, they will communicate better, perform better, and understand life better.

Therefore, manipulating the brain with technology may not be suitable for everyone, although I have said that a proportion of people can benefit in this way.

Before humans can apply it, scientists and researchers must fully understand its experimental and research implications. Using these experiments and research to animals is fine, but applying them to healthy and mentally fit people can significantly improve results.

Man is more precious than animals. Therefore, scientists and researchers should also be careful about the people to whom they initially apply their experiments and research.

On the other hand, when technologies are applied to the brains of animals and humans, they cannot react equally. Therefore, this is an important issue, and these issues should be addressed with care and safety measures.

However, these are the advantages and disadvantages of the thematic topic, and these are the questions that will be tested.

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