Hey! You look so good! I really like your Sliders honestly

Now that is exactly what happens when you wear a pair of gorgeous, designer sliders for women and carry your comfort with style and a pinch of gentlewoman attitude. What? You Honestly thought people wouldn’t notice how confidently you’re walking around? Nice try!

Ladies Slippers with catchy designs have always been a part of the trend but are at all time highs these days now that comfortable loungewear and athleisure clothing is in trend. And honestly, casual wear does look quite good as well. You can pull it off at any casual occasion. Be it a walk by the park, a shopping spree at the mall or a casual get together at a friend’s place, it is just so comfortable that it’s hard to change into other clothes. I get it, we’re all quite lazy and if we’re not, I’m sure the lockdown has made us that way. So why not enjoy the moment as long as we’re in it, until the scenario switches back to normal again in some time? Seems like a nice idea.. doesn’t it now?

Long gone are those days when you’d go to your favorite clothing outlet and find out your favorite dress is sold out. It’s alright, don’t panic. Why worry when you can get everything you want from Online Shopping?

From classic tees, to denim jeans.. from your favorite shoes to those stunning blood red heels, you can get it all online for the best price and offers that’ll make you fall head over heels.

Neon and Black, the stand out combination:

Neon has a different obsession. And the combination of neon with black, two completely different colors with opposite contrasts somehow, as a combination, ends up looking great. This color combination for sure goes down as one od the best and the most catchy color combinations of them all. It looks good everywhere, on t shirts, shoes, watches, denims and even classic sliders.

Neon and black color scheme is loud and subtle at the same time. Where neon screams the fact that you like to make statements, black, at the same time adds a touch of subtlety and class to the same and it evens it out pretty beautifully. This is one of the major reasons why this color scheme immediately catches one’s eyes yet does it in a really subtle yet stylish manner.

Now for all the comic universe fans, only us geeks can understand how important these marvel or dc collectibles are in our collection. If we could, we’d make everything in this world a limited edition collectible, not just because it looks cool, but also because we’re a part of that universe.

So how about a new addition to your collection of limited edition Marvel collectibles? You can shop the neon-black color scheme in the classic ‘Neon Marvel’ ladies slippers collection. And not just the fact that the color scheme is neon and black but also the fact that it is just the perfect piece for any Marvel fan girls in the house. Lightweight and durable, you can get this pair for the best price, from the best online shopping site in India.

Classic, Solid Colors for a Classic Day:

Some days everything seems better off when it’s all simple. Everything feels so relaxed, bright, positive and colorful. Sometimes simple is all you need. Just the ever green classics. And you just cannot deny that simple is the ever green definition of cool, simple is the ever green definition of trendy.

Basics are ever green because they never fail to make you look amazing! From classic t shirts and denim jeans and shoes, to the ever green shirts with chinos and trousers, and nothing beats the classic, solid pyjamas and loungewear with stylish and subtle sliders.

Basic colors go at almost any occasion and at any time. The magic trio of Black white and grey can make all outfits amazingly classy, from formals to semis to party wear and casuals, simplicity is the best policy even when it comes to colors and designs.

Solid colors not only add a subtle yet a classy look to your outfit but also makes it look incredibly good on you. From classic solid t shirts to shirts, trousers, comfy loungewear and classic solid lightweight adjustable ladies slippers, you can get it all online from the best online shopping platform in India for the best price and quality.

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