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10 Common interior Design and Fit-out Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a home or an office requires attention and thoughtful steps to get the desired and finest results. Now, often we mistake ourselves by focusing too much on the design and aesthetics that we forget about the functionality. So, the first thing that you must keep in mind is to pay attention to all the details.

However, this is not the only mistake we make either as an owner of the place or a designer. So, even if you have the top-notch Fit Out Companies in Dubai working for you, you still need to have your mind and heart at the right place to pull of the dream aesthetically and functionally.

Therefore, let’s talk about the common mistakes you might make for designing your place. So, you can avoid it…

1.    Wrong Size Rug

Nothing’s worse than having an incorrect size rug. Too broad and sweep up the room; too small and does not serve to anchor the room. If they float in the center of a large space, put all furniture on the rug. If the furniture is against the wall, try to get two legs of all furniture on the rug. A small rock can be put directly underneath the coffee table for a tighter space. Just ensure the longitude of the rug covers the couch length.

2.    Failing to establish a focal point

A room with a well-crafted emphasis begins. The emphasis offers a focus and helps to anchor space. It should be an eye-catching feature that lets you draw attention and look somewhere in the room. The most popular focal points include architectural features like a fireplace or a wide window. You will be needed to create one with furniture or art if there are no prominent features in that field.

3.    Thinking everything has to match

Your home needs to be as unique as yourself. And the best way to do it is to carefully select each piece to produce an interior that expresses your tastes and style. To guarantee all in the room matches you could take a page from your favorite catalog, easy, right?  But you’re also going to get a room without character and value. Or worst, you can end up with the same design as your neighbors. You don’t want it? So, be careful about selecting the art pieces.

4.    Not thinking about fabrics and textiles

A common error that most of us are responsible for — first painting. Put down the brush with that color! First, you have to select the textiles of rooms and the key fabrics like rugs and curtains.

Why is this? Because it’s just a lot easier to find the fabrics we love and then pick the paint to match. While it’s a lot harder to find the fabric that we love, it just happens that it matches the paint that we’ve already put on our walls.

So take a shopping excursion with budget and room size in mind. Look at the examples of textiles, rugs, pillows, and so on… Find what you want and then choose a paint shade or shades of your selected textiles until you are satisfied with your choices.

5.    Under or Oversize Furniture

Height and size are very important in urban planning and residential interior design. First, measure your room thoroughly to avoid making a wrong purchase. Using the tape of the painter to mock the furniture placing to make sure you’re in the best condition before you swipe your credit card.

6.    Too many Décor Pieces

Yeah, there’s a thing like that. Too much good is bad.   It translates as uncertainty in design terms. So take advice from experts to have just joyful stuff. Your home should be a world-class museum, not a jumble shop, with a carefully selected selection of objects.

7.    Not using the balcony

Do not just you’re your balcony for dry laundry, you can make it an outdoor lounge even it only fits two people. So, buckle and maximize every inch of your place with beauty and class.

8.    Bad lighting

Most people rely only on overhead lighting and this is a major fake phase in architecture. It is often easier to layer various forms of lighting unless you want your home to look like a hospital. Enclosed lights are ideal for general illumination while lamps, lights, and slopes are ideal for ambient lighting. Accent lights such as spotlights are suitable for illustrating photography and artwork. In the studio and the kitchen, task illumination is also extremely necessary.

9.    Ignoring traffic flow

Few things are more annoying than bumping into furniture every time you try to move around your house. By arranging furniture to increase airflow and optimize traffic flow, the feel of your home can be fully transformed.

Use a floor plan or drawing, without throwing off your current furniture, to set optimum traffic patterns. Start at the entrance point and find the fastest path to the next entrance. The traffic must flow around the furniture and return to the same doorway in a space that has only one entrance.

10.  Ignoring the efforts to build a character and personality of a place

You can turn any wall of the house into an art gallery of your own. Whether it’s a rare oil painting or a dear drawing from your child’s pre-school days, everybody should display some kind of art in their house.

Bottom Line

All these mistakes seem simple, but if you will look around the place, you are probably doing many of them. So, time to change a few things and give your home a brand new look. If you are ready to alter the interior of your place, perhaps, you are looking for Interior design Dubai Companies
, So, your search is over and you must feel free to talk to expert interior designers of Exotic Studio at any time.

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