The latest secrets to cyber insurance

The is an online portal to obtain tailor-made insurance coverage for computer and data-related risks. With our experience as insurance brokers since 1990, we develop intricate insurance concepts for our clients.

If you’re interested in utilizing their many years of expertise, visit their website and benefit from their services in protecting against cyber risks. We at have put together some information about what you can find there. Decades of experience

KuV24, your market platform for computer risk insurance, is Konzept und Responsibility Versicherungsmakler GmbH, representing its client’s interests since 1990 and proving its competence as a commercial operator without ties to a specific insurance company for many years. The Subsidiary’s top priority is the openness and legal and economic independence of its clients.

Cyber insurance payouts rocketed during the 2020

Cyber insurance companies are experiencing a substantial increase in average paid-loss expenditures among policyholders following a cyber incident. According to a May 2021 report by Fitch Ratings, the average paid loss increased from $145,000 in 2019 to $358,000 in 2020. That represents a 247 percent increase.

Most of these heavy ransomware attacks affect profitable companies. Shocked at the absence of surprises in this area, computer security experts have little news to say.

Confirmation and optimization Potential at the same time

The outstanding loyalty of our customers, which is well above the industry average, and the increased number of cyber insurance risks confirm. It is not only the correctness of our concept but also gives us ever-increasing negotiating power with substantial insurance companies to provide long-term, favorable customer benefits.

Highlights and special features of our cyber insurance

Currently, only a few insurance companies offer cyber insurance in Germany. Insurance requirements vary in form and scope, as each insurance provider offers different insurance coverage modules and conditions, and the cyber insurance product is relatively new on the insurance market.

Many consumer-friendly insurance clauses that are vital to the overall condition of damage are only minimally considered in the present proposition. It’s, therefore, vital that you seek advice from an advisor. With the streamlined process of applying online, you benefit from the favorable insurance conditions for anti-virus in almost no time.

Conclusion is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about cyber insurance and the best ways to protect themselves from digital threats. The team at has decades of experience in the industry, offering customers confirmation and optimization Potential so they can get the most out of their insurance policies. Moreover, their services come with customizable highlights and unique features that make them stand out.

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